Team Sonic Racing – ALL Team Ultimates / Abilities / Moves (All Characters)

The Team Ultimate is a move that appears in Team Sonic Racing. It is a technique that allows car racers to achieve an unstoppable speed boost. The background theme music will change depending on the character. (Game for Nintendo Switch)

0:00 Sonic – Reach for the Stars
0:16 Tails – Believe In Myself (Sonic Adventure 2)
0:29 Knuckles – Unknown From M.E. (Sonic Adventure)
0:48 Amy – Follow Me
1:05 Chao – Chao Race Extended Mix
1:19 Big – Lazy Days (Livin’ in Paradise)
1:36 Blaze – Vela Nova
1:55 Vector – Team Chaotix
2:15 Silver – Dreams of an Absolution
2:32 Shadow – All Hail Shadow (Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)
2:53 Rouge – I’m A Spy … for Security Hall
3:11 Omega – This Machine
3:27 Metal Sonic – VS. Metal Sonic (Sonic Forces)
3:47 Dr. Eggman – E.G.G.M.A.N.
4:10 Zavok – The Deadly Six Theme

Team Sonic Racing Playlist:

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273 thoughts on “Team Sonic Racing – ALL Team Ultimates / Abilities / Moves (All Characters)”

    • Yes the song is called Vela Nova and it's great that they gave it to Blaze again. It's pretty much become the closest thing to her theme song, as games like Sonic and the Black Knight use that theme whenever she's involved.
      She's criminally underused as a character

    • UltimateAnimeGamer Vela-Nova is her boss fight/rival battle theme in Sonic Rush. It plays whenever you fight against Sonic as Blaze, or vice versa in Sonic Rush.

      Pretty much became her theme by that boss battle alone.

  1. I was hoping for Sonic to turn Super Sonic during his team ultimate. I wonder if he even shows up at all in this game.

  2. Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Eggman, Shadow, Blaze, Big, Silver and Amy Rose have amazing themes! These are my favorites.

  3. Why’d they pick sonic colors for sonic. Green hill, it doesnt matter, his world. Anything would have been better than that

  4. Sonic theme is the most out of place to me lol. I was hoping for "his world" honestly, but expected to hear "it doesn't matter", needless to say I was shocked that they chose the sonic colors theme for sonic

  5. Say where’s Cream?. Also I love how they reused the All Stars Racing seaside hill. Vela Nova! What is Amy and Vector’s theme also Rouge and Omega’s theme?

  6. They’re able to still get good communication and emotion from Metal Sonic with just “…..” lol

    • Super Mario Kart? Like, the one on the SNES? Lmao, this game isn’t great, but it isn’t as low as Super Mario Kart.

    • It's just a remix version of his boss battle theme from Sonic Forces which is a remix of Stardust Speedway US version.
      And for some reasons, I was wishing for a remixed version of his boss battle theme from Sonic 4 just like in All-Stars Racing Transformed.

  7. Tails Theme
    Sonic Theme
    _other themes except Chao Race(Omochao And Knuckles)
    Could’ve Been Better
    Omochao Theme
    Knuckles Theme
    O H M Y G O D !

  8. me hearing sonics ultimate:

    me hearing omegas: yes.

    me hearing shadows: yes!!!


  9. So Stardust us really turned out being the current theme of metal sonic… Though i'd preffer his theme on sonic 4 .-. For me it's the best theme… After "what i'm made of"

    • For blaze Vela nova and tails believe in myself from sonic adventure 2 and for metal sonic stardust speedway the us remix that was in sonic forces

  10. Am disappoint that they didn't use sonics It dosent matter theme was colors really that special of a game ?

  11. This Team Sonic Racing It's Team Sonic and Team Dark but Sonic and Shadow Teaming Friendly at Mario,Luigi and Yoshi because it's Super Mario Bros Z by Alvin Earthworm

  12. I'm pleasantly surprised that Amy's All Star Team Ultimate Theme is Follow Me instead of My Sweet Passion.

  13. I wish Espio were in this game 😢 Vector's been in all the Olympic games, a Riders game, had an episode in Sonic Boom and was even this racing game. Where did Vector's gradual inclusion even come from?

  14. This reminds me a lot about Sonic all stars racing transform. The first map you did was the the first mapI ever played in SASRT.

  15. god that remix of reach for the stars is FIRE. like pretty much ALL of the soundtrack cept for sand road and frozen junkyard (ngl, junkyard is meh and sand road was never good imo)

  16. Am I the only one who wished that they used his world for Sonics theme instead of it doesn't matter?

    I always prefer it over it doesn't matter as Sonics theme.

  17. I am so glad they used I am the Eggman for him, but they should have used the chorus. Hearing "I AM THE EGGMAN!" As you blast down the road would be so much better than the intro.Same goes for Vector I think.Still happy they picked those songs for them though 😸

  18. Tails all star theme is good I just wish he still had is plane also I wish sonic still the invincibility theme and the speed star

  19. I love the fact that E-123 Omega's theme is "This Machine" from Sonic Heroes AND Vector with Chaotix's theme

  20. Something I just realized: During Silver’s and Shadow’s Ultimate, the song that plays for Silver’s is Dreams of an Absolution and the song that plays for Shadow’s is All Hail Shadow, which are two songs that I believed originated from Sonic 0’6. … I feel like everyone else already noticed that and I’m just late to the partyEdit: And Eggman’s song is E.G.G.M.A.N. from the sonic adventure games

  21. Shadow: Drives into water I can handle this.Shadow: Driving in grass ThE gRaSs Is In ThE wAyMe: -,- SEGA SHADOW IS NOW WEAK TO WATER AND GRASS?Zavok(Team Ultimate): I aM lIkE a GoD

  22. To make your ultimate last longer keep hitting enemies to extend it a bit. This is most effective around the 12-7 place range


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