Super Smash Bros. Ultimate All New Characters: Dragon Quest Heroes (DLC)

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s next character is the hero of Square Enix’s Dragon Quest series. Known simply as The Hero.

Dragon Quest games have several different protagonists, so in Smash Ultimate, they seem to appear as different fighter skins

The Hero of Dragon Quest is coming to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate sometime this summer. He’ll be available to purchase individually, and will also come as part of the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Fighter Pass.

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138 thoughts on “Super Smash Bros. Ultimate All New Characters: Dragon Quest Heroes (DLC)”

    • I'm fine with the sword fighters. Little did you know Nintendo is a Japanese company and swords are a big part of their history

  1. for a second there I thought we were getting more than 1 dragon quest hero characters, but the others are clones

  2. Oh snap, I'm starting to think that Steve/Ryu.H/DoomGuy leak is real. They are probably the next DLC characters to be revealed

    • I think Dante should at least get his hand in Smash since his first game is coming to the switch. Nintendo maybe waiting for Devil May Cry to release to say anything who knows.

  3. So is it one character with several echo fighters or one character and the rest are the same as like a Bowser Jr. Style koopalings character

    • @spaps Yeah so lucky we get a game by a very dedicated man, along with his team and yet here we are complaining about it. Ungrateful idiots. So glad I'm no where near the states or west.

  4. Should've been drik the daring from dragon's lair. But im mostly happy for the banjo fans you guys deserve it fr and i cant wait to play as banjo

  5. I think Norman reedus from death stranding would make for such a great character and would have a pretty wide moveset


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