Team Sonic Racing All Characters Unlocked and Sonic Legendary Golden Kart

Showcasing every single character in Team Sonic Racing including Sonic’s legendary gold kart. (Nintendo Switch)

All characters in Team Sonic Racing, and if anything else is released in the future, it will presumably be free DLC.

0:00 Team Sonic Racing All Characters
1:30 Sonic Legendary Golden Kart gameplay

Team Sonic Racing Playlist:

Video suitable for all ages, kids & families
1080p 60fps gameplay by CommunityGame (2019)

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198 thoughts on “Team Sonic Racing All Characters Unlocked and Sonic Legendary Golden Kart”

  1. If Nintendo added Link in Mario Kart then Sega needs to add Super Monkey Ball into their game. You need to compete with them.

  2. Making a sequel to their kart game but taking out all the SEGA non-sonic characters and their tracks while most tracks are recycled from older games? Not too happy about this, specially compared to CNF which is releasing in like a month or so with an unholy amount of content, I wanted to get this game, but now I don't know…

  3. ok the game is cool but First What did do they voices like the rouge and the shadow its horrible

    Second: What vector has to do with silver and blaze

  4. Yeah I Want Do Sonic And Sega All Star Racing, Sonic And All Star Racing Transformed, And Team Sonic Racing Vehicles In Real Life

  5. Despite the game being decent (in my opinion) i still find it weird that Sonic is driving a car when he dosen't need to

    • Jorge Andres Perez but that was because there were other Sega characters this game is just sonic characters only

  6. To me, Vector should have been in Team with Charmy (Technique) and Espio (Speed), and Silver (Speed) and Blaze (Power) with Marine the raccoon (Technique). Also, team Rose could have consist of Amy, Cream (Technique) and either Sticks or Tikal (Power). Big could have been removed or associated with Mighty (Speed) and Ray (Technique). As a result the roster is pretty poor…

    More team ideas for FREE dlc:
    Team Babylon: Jet, Wave and Storm
    Team Hooligans: Fang, Bean and Bark

  7. The game looks fun and I'm gonna get it and all but a few complaints

    Where is espio, cream and infinite

    Wtf happened to rouge's voice
    (Shadows isn't that bad lmao it grew on me)

    And rip shadows bike

  8. They should have a DLC where you get Jet, Storm, and Wave. They can ride their hover boards and you can customize the back and front of them

  9. Why is there a quad of chao instead of Cream and Cheese? Why is Vector paired with Blaze and Silver? Rouge's voice actress changed again? Why is Zavok still working with Eggman, when the revival of Eggrobo or an Eggpawn would make more sense? All weird faults of the game, but still nice nontheless

  10. Sonic Heroes: Vector in Team Chaotix
    Sonic Free Riders: Vector in Team Rose
    Team Sonic Racing: Vector in Team Silver
    Jeez… decide already…

  11. So nobody's going to mention that Cream the Rabbit was replaced by a couple of Chaos??????? A COUPLE OF CHAOS!!!!!!

  12. I swear this game hates my boi metal sonic, i am literally unlocking mods for every racer and havent got a single piece for metal sonic

    • I unlocked almost everything for him and for some reason despite beating the game he hasn't unlocked for me, do you know how to unlock team eggman?

  13. Silver's voice gives me Sonic vibes from The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog. I honestly think Bryce would be a better Sonic than Silver.

  14. So no one's gonna talk about how Sonic's sprite is similar to Joker's All-Out Attack pose?

    …no? Just me? OKAY THEN

  15. There are no unlockable character… Except in story mode but that doesn't count.

  16. what a downgrade from Sonic & Sega Allstar Racing Transformed.Even in the name all that was left is "sonic" and "racing".


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