This Super Smash Bros Ultimate movie contains all cutscenes of World Of Light with all alternate ending scenes included in Super Smash Bros Ultimate for Nintendo Wii in 1080p & 60fps

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1080p 60fps gameplay by CommunityGame (2018)

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  1. YOU CAN PLAY AS MASTER HAND?????!!!! SIGN ME UP!!!! Also am I the only one that wants Dharkon to win??

  2. I say the good end is also a bad end because in the beginning, Gallen possesses everyone with the power of his light. I have a theory which is that Dharkon and Gallen make sure the other one doesn’t get too powerful, like Checks and Balances. But if Dharkon’s dead, then Gallen doesn’t have someone to limit his power, so he takes total control of everyone in the universe.

  3. I preordered this digitally and I live in central standard time. What time will I be able to play it. Anyone know?

  4. Who would win??
    Two great beings who control LIGHT,DARKNESS and control smaller gods.


    one pink puff boi

  5. This Super Smash Bros Ultimate movie contains all cutscenes of World Of Light with all alternate ending scenes included in Super Smash Bros Ultimate for Nintendo Wii in 1080p & 60fps

  6. I love this story mode, it seems that Galeem and Dharkon are light and darkness represantations, both want to control or destroy everything but if one of them is defeated and the other one is still alive, the balances breakes out and the other part gains infinite power over his rival and everyone else. If Dharkon dies and Galeem lives, he invoke another wave of light to control everyone with no chance of avoding it. And, if Galeem dies and Dharkon is still alive, he covers the world with darkness and everyone dies. But, if both dies, the balance is restored and the spirits are free but with no clue about the fighters.
    So yeah, both Galeem and Dharkon endings are bad, because the balance breaks if one of them dies, Dharkon kills everyone and Galeem controls everyone.

  7. Im guessing they got microwaved by light but with too much radiation so they got dissolved into nothin

    • Guillermo Martinez except Kirby can’t survive because he is with everyone else and Galeem uses all of its powers to control the galaxy and its spirits

  8. I think it's funny that dharkon is portrayed evil while he just imprisons galeem and Galeem straight up kills him

  9. I love how this game goes so much in depth representing the 3 major elements and the ancient concepts of yin and yang.

    Sword (red) shows fire.
    Shield (blue) represents water.
    Grab (green) represents Earth (or Wood).
    Water extinguished fire. Fire burns and wood. And wood absorbs water.
    Try this explanation and see how easy it is to choose your spirits now! 😉

    And the yin yang I think is pretty obvious 😁

  10. All endings are bad because : in the "good" ending you defeat Dharkon and Galeem takes control of everything. in the "bad" ending you defeat Galeem and Dharkon just makes the world a shadow world. in the "True" ending even if you releas all the souls you have defeated the Gods that make the universe so the universe dies.

  11. So Darkhon is the better of the two. Darkhon just took over the whole world but Galeem took the god damn universe.

  12. I say both are bad endings because that have there own version of conquest but the true ending, no one wins or loses and it is just amazing

    Keep up the awesome work

  13. I think the first ending you showed is the only true good ending. PS, anyone else watching this before getting the game?

  14. the "good" ending is really just bad ending #2, because at the end of the day it doesn't matter that Dharkon lost, it's that Galeem WON. This dude was the bad guy from the beginning of the story, it doesn't matter that he's the "lord of light", he still has everyone trapped as a spirit, he still was the one to wipe out everyone except Kirby, and he still essentially big banged the universe in his ending. The only true good ending is both Dharkon and Galeem losing.

  15. So how is defeating Dharkon and letting Galeem surround the world with light a good ending? Because I'm sure everyones eyes went on fire and then they all died with all that bright light surrounding the earth. Since ppl say that's a good ending besides a bad ending/true ending

  16. Just thinking on how they made the game gives me headaches…The high detail and amazing animation is so well made!

  17. Wait sothe true ending is everyone becomes a spirt and has an orgy in spacethe bad ending is everyone just diesand the good one is the plant turns into a sun then exploreds

  18. i think the ending from galeem isnt good because, i set the whole world in light like in the beginning of the game so it would be an endless circle of defeating him and Dharkon, when kirby always would survive

  19. To me it looks like a bad/good ending in the last one! Good: they are safe from darkness!!! Bad: um……the good took over Nentendo I think……??

  20. They are both bad endings, swallowed by shadow or consumed by light. There is only one good ending which is the true ending

  21. The good ending supposedly restarts the game, the bad ending basically kills every smash fighter, and the true ending restores peace

  22. I finished the game with the good ending in almost 1 try. LIFE MISSON COMPLETE now to beat hornet in hollow knight (deep breath) COME HERE

  23. Compare it with brawl which had way more cutscenes it was like watching a full length movie. I hope they bring back what they did for SSBB when they make a story mode for the next Smash Bros.

  24. no matter what the ending, everyone died. that's sad. but ya this was a pretty epic game. im playing hard mode now.

  25. More variety in gameplay and way more cutscenes, and this would have been way better than subspace emissary. Sadly there's no character interactions in the cutscenes either (except for the opening cutscene maybe)

  26. Good ending: defeat both Galeem and Dharkon; balance is achieved.Excess ending: defeat only Dharkon; Galeem remakes the universe without Kirby to save anyone.Defect ending: defeat only Galeem; Dharkon kills everyone and consumes the planet in darkness.

  27. So too much light = eyes burn and consumed…Too much darkness = death and destruction im still confused though at the true ending, are they alive or nah?

  28. Dharkon killed everyone snd the world is consumed by darknessGaleem controls everyone and the world is consumed by lightOr a pink puff ball restores balanceGaleem=bad endingDharkon=extra bad endingPink ball=good ending

  29. The middle choice is definitely the good one, either of the other two after bad, just in different ways

  30. Sonic went from being the hero of Brawl, to being the victim of Ultimate, and Kirby went from being a side hero in Brawl, to being the last man standing in Ultimate, with a sad ending.

  31. I didn't know know about the true ending, I knew the good ending (or bad ending) but can you get the true ending after you beat Dharkon in the final battle?

  32. Shulk: I saw into the future. There are over 14,000,065 different outcomes of this war.Kirby: How many did we win?Shulk: One.

  33. So let me get this straight even if galeem and dharkon are defeated or at least one of them is defeated we still lose right?

  34. I would say it is only a good ending if you defead both because if you only defead one the other one is unbalanced and take over the World

  35. Can we agree that that defeating darkhon or whatever his name is is still a bad ending cause galeem is what started this

  36. When galeem defeats darkhon it’s still a bad ending because galeem takes over the unreverse


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