The True Final Boss in World Of Light Story Mode. It’s Galeem & Dharkon taking on Kirby, Mario, and Link. Will Kirby and his friends defeat the ultimate final boss and save super smash bros world?

Watch the video to find out! I give this game a perfect 10 out of 10.

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  1. Another cool parody is you choose Sonic, Megaman and Pacman to battle final boss.
    What parody i say it you choose Sonic, Megaman and Pacman ?

  2. I can't wait to look back on this game in a couple years and say:
    "Hey, remember that time in that one Nintendo game where Mario, Kirby, and Link teamed up to beat God and the Devil?"

  3. There is light, there is dark, and there is you. You will defy the most powerful forces in the universe, and need to win from them. Otherwise, a chaos of light and dark will shower the universe forever.

    • +CK16 Striker Kirby cause he's kirby
      Between Cloud, Larry, and the (dude) inkling cause their awesome.
      Piranha plant because who wouldn't want to fight a pair of warring eldritch horrors for the fate of the multiverse and the souls of everyone in it…………… a potted plant.

  4. lmao when you knock dharkon eyeball on the stage galeem stabs it
    i wonder what would dharkon do if you knock galeem ball of light on the stage

  5. I think Galeem represents the mom and Dharkon the dad if the kid playing with toys still applies.

  6. If you notice, the first three bosses that kirby Fights are the antagonists of the games that the player chose. Mind you they chose those bosses as well. And the boss fights are just amazing. This truly is the ultimate smash brothers game

    Edit: also am I the only one who teared up at that beautiful ending while singing the song?

  7. both are underwhelming in attacks. and actually not too big. meh. didn't expect much anyways. even if it is on easy.

    but i swear to god if there's a 3rd eye, that's not a fusion obvi, and its blue/purple/white, holy hell ima be pissed.

  8. no se porque el movimiento rapido de las alas de galeem me hacen acordar a star dream de kirby planet robobot

  9. Let’s take a moment to realize these smash bros characters were able to beat a god and devil…

  10. What happens if you defeat enough light/dark bosses in a row during the boss rush for the divider in the background to get pushed all the way to either side?

  11. Kirby: Wow, two gods duking it out? It's been a while since I've had to deal with that… I wonder how Marx is doing?

    Marx shows up and starts fighting Kirby

    Kirby: Oh. That's how he's doing.

  12. I want the real battle royale
    I said the real battle royale
    I said the real battle royale

  13. So… The final boss this time is the fandom itself, represented by Galeem and Dharkon? The struggle between casual and competitive? Newcomers vs veterans? Those wanting to preserve the essence of Smash, and those that want more new things?

    Mr. Sakurai, it´s all right; you´ve done more than enough.

  14. Also…
    Gallem = Master Hand
    Dharkon = Crazy Hand

    And also… Light and Dark?

    This seems very Bayonetta now…

  15. If the Hands represent creation and destruction, I feel like these two are the embodiment of completely controlling the toys (deciding what's made and how it works) and trying to put them away forever (thus shrouding all in darkness and destroying the world) respectively

  16. Dharkon is the father and Galeem is the mother. The father wants to DESTROY all the toys(Dharkon destroys the world). The mother wants to destroy all the toys also, but wants her child to have new ones???…(Galeem destroys the world, but wants to create a new one)

    Thats what i think they represent…..

  17. Hey, a good present before launch! I bet this will easily become the most popular game ever…

  18. 1. Absolutely ADORE the music going on during the credits
    2. All of the souls flying through space was a GORGEOUS cinematic
    and 3. Kirby: two gods fighting? Eh just yur typical Thursday

  19. Smash Bros Ultimate's finale is 'much much better' than Marvel Vs Capcom: Infinite, LOL!

    Come at me!

  20. Wait a minute….
    Fighting dark and light….
    Almost like the sun and moon…
    Who are also fighting….






  21. Wait Nani two Galeems?!

    I’m just eleven years old don’t hate me for not being on points with the story!!

  22. So let me get this straight, the only way you can get the good ending is to go towards the middle route, and defeat either Galeem or Dharkon first before finish the other antagonist afterwards in the same stage?

  23. Marx in SMASH!? That's it! I'M OFFICIALY Psyched! This is freaking AMAZING! This whole game is absolutely Fantastic!

  24. So the matter was settled, Mario, Kirby and their friends have successfully defeated The lords of Light and Darkness, Galeem and Dharkon. All of the spirits have been freed. They were all brought back into their bodies and sent back to their worlds, as well as the fighters. Peace has been brought back to universe thanks to our heroes.

  25. Kirby after battling Void Termina: Hopefully I’ll get a break and there’ll be peace for another year

    Suddenly World of Light

    Kirby: (Slaps forehead) Guess it’s time to save the world again…

  26. I have a theory that galeem and the dark thing(I forgot its name)are the children of the first person who played with the toys and galeem is a female while dark is male and the battle I'd between them on who plays with the toys but in the end they decide to put them away and share it

  27. I like how Kirby's one of the fighters you chose to go up against it.With all the things that go on in his games, this just a regular occurrence to him.

  28. 2 gods fighting and causing chaos all over the world


    Kirby : AW COME ON!💢

    • Yup, in brawl they even put Sakuri vs Miamoto (Kirby vs Mario). And of course, the kirby characters saved the day in brawl, kirby with his warp star, meta knight saved the ice climbers (I think) and Dedede and co unamiibo everyone.

  29. one thing got me wondering… those fighters that we have to fight, the reddish black and the light blue ones, that fight against each other as well, are there canonically any of them that are specifically aligned to each? Just asking…

  30. Let’s give Wario some love. He’s immortal, (he is), so couldn’t he just walk through the blasts?

    • If you're referring to the ending cutscene, I'd assume all of the spirits are returning back to the "real world".

  31. This whole mess is seriously just a Sunday chore for Kirby. Do know how many gods and ancient powerful deities he's killed?!

  32. This is not fighting against 2 bosses but the 2 bosses are fighting each other and youre just taking an advantage with it..

  33. I’m probably crazy for wanting to do this, but I’m going to try to defeat Galeem and Dharkon at the same time when I get to the final fight.

  34. …Okay, now I'm just wondering how the speedrunners are going to do this part, and whether it's going to involve hilariously overpowered spirits.

  35. See, before the game came out, I just thought Galeem was Taboo Soul and this was secretly the next Kirby game

  36. The lesson behind this video?

    Any conflict between two gods can be solved by smashing shit with a flaming hammer. You're welcome

  37. Can you make a full list of spirits on the final battle map and list which spirit is a light or Darkness spirit please.

  38. Kirby: okay today I gotta fight marx again and then at 12 I have to battle another incarnation of dark matter wonder if it bleeds a bunch. And then at supper there's two celestial beings threatening to end the world who could have thought and then its off to bed.
    Yep, just a normal Tuesday!

  39. This boss fight is feeling less like a fight between two gods and more like fight between two children over who gets to play with some action figures

  40. 0:24 You just chose the SAME fighter that i gonna use… except that i'm gonna do in order.

    Read more

    If you know what i mean of course.
    Show less

  41. In star allies it said “Dreamland” “world of peace”

    I think they should have said Kirby’s smash bros

  42. Keep in mind that Sakurai said: Oh yeah before we go. Have this 40 Hour singleplayer mode we never tell you about until now…. ok bye

  43. The world knows it as the day we almost died

    But for Kirby, well, it was the day he couldn’t finish his sandwich.

  44. "Oh two gods beating up each other?
    Yet another ones to the "eldritch abominations that i smacked them " list "-kirby,probably

  45. Master Hand = Sakurai’s right hand
    Crazy Hand = Sakurai’s left hand
    Galeem = Sakurai’s right eye
    Dharkon = Sakurai’s left eye

  46. I just realized something about the previous 2 bosses in smash and how they reflect Galeem and Dharkon: Tabuu used a lot of bright lights and his wings were glowing. Master Core was made of a dark substance. Both Tabuu and Master Core are like the precursors to Galeem and Dharkon!

  47. But I know that Nintendo made this game but Nintendo got some help Nintendo needed help like Sega that's the only one know🤔

  48. What difficulty setting is this cause you wen through these guys health bars like a hot knife through butter.

  49. important recommendation: watch the 3 final bosses with kirby music. specifically, these songs with their bosses.

    Dharkon: La Follia D'amore
    Galleam: Morpho Knight theme
    Galleam and Dharkon: CROWNED Medley

    you won't regret it.

  50. tipuse the skull kid and majora's mask primary and the pauline spirit you'll heal everytime you shield and attack and its amazing

  51. I want the real final bossgaleemi said the real final bossDharkonI said the real final bosskirbyPerfection.

  52. If anyone doesn’t know what happened at the end it’s simple all the Sprits/hero’s go back to their game and no longer being held on by any master which hints that this is the last game.

  53. So yeah basically this is just like the ending of Xenoblade Chronicles… Smash is a world with no need for God's… Except maybe master and crazy hand I guess?


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  56. This happend on monday, and kirby was supposed to have lunch with meta knight king dedede and banndana dee. BUT OF COURSE gods had to collide.

  57. LOGROS:¡Terminaste el modo Aventura por primera vez!¡Derrotaste a Lúmina y a Lúgubra al mismo tiempo!¡Añadiste 500 o mas espiritus a la lista!

  58. I tried doing a challenge ofWorld Of light: Kirby only, Hard mode, any %.Edit: I use the Meta Knight skinned Kirby in the dark realm

  59. Kirby: YES I SAVED THEMThe rest: kirby was that you?Kirby: yesThe rest: HORRAY!and that is how smash ultimate was made

  60. remember when kirby spanked king ddd with a broke wand in kirby nightmare in dreamland? this is the sane thing except king ddd is buff and kirby has a huge belt


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