Here are all bosses for Super Smash Bros Ultimate on the Nintendo Switch. It also includes mini-bosses.

0:00 Marx
2:07 Rathalos
4:10 Master Hand
5:14 Crazy Hand
6:35 Master Hand & Crazy Hand
7:55 Mewtwo & Master Hand
9:53 Dark Link (Mini Boss)
11:07 Ganon
13:13 Bowser
13:51 Giga Bowser
14:35 Dracula
15:57 Dracula final form
17:07 Pit (Mini Bosses)
18:20 Palutena (Pretend it’s Jubileus)
19:15 Donkey Kong
19:45 Mario
20:11 Metal Mario
20:48 Yellow Devil / Mega Man Robots (Mini Bosses)
22:00 Galleom
23:18 Dr. Mario & Mewtwo (Just pretend it’s Dr. Wiley. I think that’s what they were going for)
25:09 Playing As Master Hand Vs Light & Dark Mini Bosses
28:32 Dharkon
31:10 Galeem
33:28 Galeem and Dharkon

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  1. I didn't know Mario and Metal Mario were the same person. I thought Metal Mario was like Dark Link or something that came from a mirror world but Bowser's story mode say otherwise

  2. 0:00 Marx
    2:07 Rathalos
    4:10 Master Hand
    5:14 Crazy Hand
    6:35 Master Hand & Crazy Hand
    7:55 Mewtwo & Master Hand
    9:53 Dark Link (Mini Boss)
    11:07 Ganon
    13:13 Bowser
    13:51 Giga Bowser
    14:35 Dracula
    15:57 Dracula final form
    17:07 Pit (Mini Bosses)
    18:20 Palutena (O.H. is right, this is probably Jubileus)
    19:15 Donkey Kong
    19:45 Mario
    20:11 Metal Mario
    20:48 Yellow Devil / Mega Man Robots (Mini Bosses)
    22:00 Galleom
    23:18 Dr. Mario & Mewtwo(Just pretend it's Dr. Wiley. I think that's what they were going for)
    25:09 Playing As Master Hand Vs Light & Dark Mini Bosses
    28:32 Dharkon
    31:10 Galeem
    33:28 Galeem and DharkonMore smash content Playlist:

  3. 23:18 They added my boy Dr. Wiley as a Boss character. Holy crap! Why was mewtwo with Dr. Wiley though? Who is Mewtwo suppose to be?

  4. 6:35 It's like what Pit said. Ice climbers are cheaters and Master hand knew that so of course he'd bring crazy hand to the fight.

  5. I wanna see all the bosses in Super Smash Bros ultimate they are
    1) Galeem
    2) Master Hand
    3) Giga Bowser
    4) Rathalos
    5) Galleom
    6) Metal Face
    7) Drácula
    8) Flying Man
    9) Dark Emperor
    10) Dharkon
    11) Marx
    12) Ganon
    13) Crazy Hand
    14) Yellow Devil
    15) Nabbit
    16) Master Hand and Crazy Hand
    17) Galeem and Dharkon

  6. Yeah Dr mario is considered as dr wily during megaman classic mode.
    Which is more clear in Jp version of Smash ultimate since name of the classic mode is called Mystery of Dr Mario which is reference to Megaman 2’s japanese subtitle “The mystery of dr wily”

    • +GarrettTheGamer have you even played mother 1, because ninten plays completely differently from ness, the only thing thats similar is thier looks

    • Frozen Applejuice I have played mother 1 but the majority of people haven’t so they will only look at looks so Ninten would have to be an echo fighter

  7. Here the music the game Problem it supposed to use the music Final Destination Melee after Bowser evolved into Giga Bowser

  8. Does anyone else realize that Darkhon has attacks from Kirby Games
    Those Dark Fire Pillars resemble Daroach’s Fire Bomb, he sent his Spines through Portals around the stage Similar to Magolor Soul
    This Looks like a Taranza Mega ball at 30:21
    At 35:30 he made a Giant Cross in the Screen, which calls back to one of Magolors Attak where he draws a shape then pushes it onto the screen

  9. Everyone: wow its Marx! Its Marx guys, its blah blah blah…

    Me: cool you get to play as master hand legit in this game.

    • Smash is basically an extended Kirby game. SSE, the hud, as well as most things in Smash are based on Kirby.

  10. One missed opportunity is to make Dark Meta Knight as Meta Knight's final boss like what they did with Dark Link here.


    Did nintendo finally acknowledge a glitches existence by having you play as master hand? in case you somehow dont know, in melee there was a glitch where you could (kinda) play as master hand.

    • NotVeryCreative it would be cool Easter egg to do the glitch and play as master hand as a little nod to the glitch

  12. Dharkon
    Hate, Limit, Immortal, Semi.
    Divine, Unlimited, Immortal as well.

    Dharkon and Galeem:

    [Trait]: True Divine, Beyond limits, Beyond a god, Conquerer of the Universe.
    End of the world.

    this comment was made for fun.
    please don't get mad over a fun comment.

  13. Where is sonic representation. Shadow could of been an echo. Dr. Eggman and Metal Sonic could of been bosses. Lost potential.

    • Ethan Alday I so agree!!

      Nintendo if your reading this than make it happen in the next smash gives death stair

  14. Having Mewtwo transform into his Mega Mewtwo X could've been a better boss fight, a reference to Pokken I may add.

  15. i constantly made jokes that not everyone is here, as you could play Master Hand via glitching in Melee.

  16. (Giant Monster eye appearing)
    Kirby: eh, i eat them for breakfest….. I wonder how Do you taste like?
    (Giant monter eye disappearing)
    Kirby : aaarrrwww

  17. Master and crazy hand are hands, taboo is a body, darkhon and galeem are eyes, which would make master core the heart

    • Right?! Major request to just them fight each other with player controlled character dodging everything

  18. I am not gonna lie this thing of putting the character with like paticular charcter similarities is cool as hell

  19. Christ not even 1 second and I’m already spazzing out like a mofo. You have no idea how much I’ve wanted this guy to actually appear in Smash.

  20. Spoilers below

    I wonder if the part where you play as Master Hand is a reference to the glitch from Melee where you could play as Master Hand

    • I think he doesn't. I think that dark aura thing is possessing him. (And I'm sorry if this is a joke)

  21. I love how true the Rathalos boss is to Monster Hunter. Being poisoned by the Rathalos' talons attack, knocking it down by attacking its legs, and the pitfall traps and flash bombs (deku seeds in this case).

  22. I like the Fact That Master and Crazy can move anywhere because they were restricted to be on one side in every smash game except this game.

  23. You make Marx a boss? You sicken me? ……. Thanks for making smash bros. Sakurai:You’re welcome. Take a vacation.

  24. Playable Master ✋ is cool and all, but it's amazing Sakurai remembered Mega Man 2 more than anyone at Capcom did.


  25. I believe the Dr Mario and Mewtwo fight is supposed to represent the Mega Man 2 final boss where Dr Wily turns into an alien.

  26. Is it just me or does Mario's voice sound off? (I thought it would of been a little deeper, cause it sounds like they sped it up)

  27. Hey hey hey
    Can you defeat the sun and moon?
    The sun became a butterfly and the moon became an eyeball and now they're taking over the universe with endless clones of fighters and you probably have no chance. He he he
    Oh you already defeated them?
    Oh wait I'm your "friend"
    R + X

  28. Seeing Marx versus Kirby was really nostalgic for me because the first kirby game I ever played was Super Star Ultra, and I fought Marx the first time and was like "woah!" Then, after the True Arena I faced him again and was just left shocked at how intense that fight actually got, so it's cool to see him in Smash as a boss.

  29. marx you look like a crazy clown that tried to control an entire planet by getting a giant comet power

  30. I always wanted they bring back the stage where you fight Metal Mario in Smash 64, the fact they brought the fight back as a boss is enought, altought is based on melee

  31. I love the fact for the final boss with a god and a devil that your character is just caught between the mayhem of there fight

  32. I loved the references in the Megaman bosses: Yellow Devil, Galleom as Guts man and Dr. Mario & Mewtwo as Megaman 2 reference.

  33. Just realised dharkon and galeem can actually damage each other…

    Someone shld make a challenge where u can only use one of the the final boss to kill the other first

  34. Some of them are better bosses in Ultimate, then they are in their own games
    Edit: Also, Bayonetta's dog doesn't come out in her final smash? That's sad

  35. Wait, is it true that you actually get to play as Master Hand to defeat 50 dark and light clones of fighters in World of Light?

  36. Pikachu vs Mewtwo…….


    Also who agrees Galleom should have been a Mega Man boss


  38. Tabuu is still harder then those bosses 😉 like of you agree
    Just remember his wing attack was one shot for everyone

  39. I think there is STILL another undiscovered Boss in this game. Like it was with Master Fortress.
    I guess you get him on NG+ somehow? Or maybe actually killing Galeem adn Dharkon at the same time ^^

  40. I got Goosebumps when Metal Mario fight appeared after so long since smash 64. Now we need the Metal Cavern and that boss fight would have been awesome.

  41. Wait is Master hand pulling the middle finger on us?! Was this a hint that you can play as the master hand!?

  42. I never expected anything like this. This is such a great addition. Kind of weird that they didn't add all of the Brawl bosses, though.

  43. I was hopping for something more evil, and new than only an "eye" for a final boss, maybe it's ok since all Super Smash Bros. fans have low standards…

  44. Marx was a thorough wtf moment for me I never expected him XD He was one of the highly requested Kirby reps wanted for Smash, but was less wanted than Bandana Waddle Dee… Surely Bandana Waddle Dee is more than a mere spirit…

  45. I wonder if this brought back memories of designing Kirby Super Star for sakurai at least the marx fight

  46. Is it just me, or do Galeem and Dharkon have a sort of sun and moon duality going on alongside the obvious light and dark?I mean, Galeem's core looks like a star, and Dharkon's is a silvery pale eye surrounded by shadows.

  47. The fact that the final bosses' names (Galeem & Dharkon or whatever) are puns on their light. Like how light GALEEMS through DHARKNESS

  48. It would be nice of instead of Marx it could of been Galatic Knight or maybe he could be a character.

  49. Playing as Master Hand after all the hell I went through to get every Spirit in Adventure mode was so cathartic.

  50. You know who would have been good bosses:-Andross from Star Fox 64 -Hades from Kid Icarus Uprising -Shadow Dragon or Grima from Fire Emblem-Mega Mewtwo X-Tabuu

    • Hades and Grima are too big. I suppose with Grima you could get away with putting a shadow effect over Robin(essentially what the Grima fight was, really)The other suggestions are cool, though I would throw in Porky since you mentioned Tabuu.

  51. Crazy how these two omnipresent beings of light & dark had mutually agreed to end their conflict with each other respectively.In order to face the greater threat, Kirby.

  52. I just love the reference to the final figth of MegaMan 2 going from doctor Mario to Mewtwo.That was so clever.

  53. Imagine being able to play as any of the bosses (Except Galeem and Dharkon, of course) and fight the other bosses in a boss rush mode

  54. It’s a cool transition when you defeat Galen or dharkon in the battle between them when it just turns just light or dark is cool

  55. Is it bad that out of all the bosses in this game, Metal Mario was the one I was the most excited to see come back?

  56. Pues la neta que buena resolución de tus videos y buena calidad pero estas bien pendejo para jugar se ve que estas en modo fácil -_-

  57. i remember i play as Luigi and i was KO'D to death and i got mad many days and defeated Dracula.


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