Playing as Master hand. For the very first time in Super Smash Bros. history, Master Hand is finally playable in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on the Nintendo Switch.

Master Hand is playable in a battle before the final boss during the World of Light adventure mode

You have to play as Master Hand to defeat 50 (Galeem and Dharkon evil fighter clones)

Maybe there is a way to play as him in Vs? It’s still too early to know for sure.

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  1. Try to do the melee glitch and see if master hand pops out, if he's playable in world of light then he must be playable somewhere else as a easter egg is my guess

  2. I was unsure if I should get this due to Geno being a spirit and all, but then this comes along, and, well…

    • Feelin' Salty

      You weren’t gonna get the game because geno is theoretically deconfirmed?

    • +Nass is Secretly a Pikmin Wha– No, I still kinda like the game despite that, I'm just upset there's no Geno and yet there's DLC for a generic mook and a third PlayStation rep.

    • +Nass is Secretly a Pikmin he isn't tho since there is also a spirit of k rool and wii fit trainer

  3. I hope they add a boss fight mode for DLC, nova marx/ dracula/ giga bowser/ master hand and crazy hand (player boss mode) vs up to 6 fighters would be sick

  4. Man I just thought it would've been awsome to have something like this in brawl were you can play as Tabuu

    • Galeem wants to controll the smash universe.Darkhon wants to destroy the smash universe.Darkhon controlled crazy hand and cloned him to create an army of crazy hands.Galeem controlled master hand and cloned him to create an army of master hands.

  5. Do you think that Nintendo tried to test this out in melee, failed, then saved the idea for this game?

    • Sadly,Sakurai comfirmed there's no Multiplayer Mode.
      But it would be cool to play as Crazy Hand.

    • No, they're the actual Master and Crazy Hands. Galeem and Dharkon captured them and made copies, just like they did with the fighters.

  6. What's going on there?!
    Playing Master Hand.
    Playing Master hand, in this game, in this year, without glitching?!
    May I try?

  7. Now You Can Legitmately Play As Master Hand!!! No Glitches Needed Unlike Melee!!!

  8. Sorry Galeem. Master Hand's been giving us hell for years, and he likes us. You use him as a puppet? Your forces have one hell of a smackdown coming their way.

  9. Master Hand's final Smash is him doing a 👌then saying "You fall in" right before a blackhole appear in his 👌 killing all the ennemies

  10. And people still say melee is the best game in the series.

    Am I the only guy who wants to see each of them get hit by a truck?

  11. imagine if Master Hand really DOES a playable character then he's clearly the one of the most broken character in all of video game history.

    still not as broken as Meta in Brawl tho

  12. Just spam laser fingers and hand drilll they are pretty strong and have giant knockback
    Edit:also giant hitbox
    2.edit:also hand slap

  13. The beautifully triumphant score in the background absolutely completes this bit. An impossible choice of two branches where you can only decide how the world ends, and Master Hand tears down spacetime coming to the rescue.

    Also, once again, you are a gentleman of culture. Actually showcasing Master Hand's moveset as opposed to just 1-2 moves spammed ad nauseum; thumbs-up well-deserved.

  14. I wish there was a mode where one person is the boss and the other is a fighter that either you have to defeat or be defeated by.

  15. If he's playable here, my guess would be that there's a way to get it in other fights too. Even if it's by the means of hacking your game, his Fighter ID must still be stored in the game and his attack's would be too. The only issue would be that you'd need to replace a character in the roster and stuff.
    Still must be possible though.

  16. I wonder how long it took Sakurai to implement this into the game without losing his composure (I just don't swear)

  17. Master Hand:

    Galeem and Darkon ( I think Darkon is it’s name? ):
    Wait,I thought we-

    Master Hand:
    Shush ya ugly 🅱️0is

  18. There was a rumor at my elementary school in which if you played lucario on the highest difficulty with the lowest stocks possible without losing a single one, one million times. You unlocked master hand as a playable character.
    I still have PTSD over lucario to this day.

  19. was he only playable that one time? I mean was master hand playable for that one time only as in ever (you can play that master hand playable stage once and only once forever) or you can re play that level? stage? whatever it is can you play it again just to play as master hand, can anyone answer my question please?

  20. You know what we CAN DO ?!?
    we can have one guy be the master hand and then have three guys be on a team to beat him up

  21. Look at that early joker gameplay!

    In case you don't get it, the voice actor for master hand, the announcer, and joker is the same person.

  22. Super smash bros 64: Master Hand is secretly playable. Answer: Yes for a demo portion, no the rest of the way.
    Super Smash Bros Melee: Master Hand is secretly playable. Answer: Scrapped idea.
    Super Smash Bros Brawl: Master Hand is secret- NO.
    Super Smash Bros Wii u/ 3DS: Mas- I SAID NO.
    Super Smash Bros Ultimate: Master Ha- NOT HAPPEN- oh wait he actually is? Nintendo you geniuses.

  23. This player is pretty darn good
    If you told me this was AIs getting their asses kicked by an AI I would believe you

  24. If you unlock all the spirits you should unlock master hand as a character but he can only be used in Local Stamina battles

  25. So i an guessing the blue copies are controlled by Galeem, while the red are controlled by Darz.
    And masterhand is good?
    I am so confused.

  26. So out of all this time we got the left hand in the right hand two eyeballs I guess now wondering if we're going to get the feet and the head next

  27. While he always had this aura and mystery about him as a boss for these nearly 20 years, actually finally being able to legally play as him sure is something else. I demand a Master Hand amiibo after seeing this.

  28. I think not including this down the line (for this game specifically) as a unique mode for offline would simply be a waste and a sin. You can only do this once per play through as you cannot save a run on a different slot. I can maybe understand the mentality of 'this is a special thing the players going through WoL and this is the big thing WoL has to offer' and not include a master/crazy hand mode outside of WoL, I dunno bout you but after getting all the endings and doing clean up I aint touching WoL again and wading though hours of battles just to do this despite it being the coolest thing about the game (I think).Hopefully in 2019 we'll see an identical or special version of Mob Smash where we can do exactly this with both Master and Crazy hand.

  29. Is their any way to play as Master Hand again after you play it? Or do you have to start over and get there again?

  30. I wish they added this as a secret mode that you could replay after beating the adventure mode, or even as a reward for beating new game plus.

  31. Ok, let's be real, you all freaked out with excitement when you found out you could play as Master Hand. I certainly did.

  32. Whit this surprising carácter. They win the best smash.
    And sorry for those who like melee. Cause you can only control it whit glitches. Of we go whit that. In 64 and brawl can do it for the mods.

  33. I gotta tell ya, this was pure ecstasy when I first played as master hand. I would do anything to do it again.
    It would be even better if we could play as the other bosses. That would make my day.

  34. Hmmmm. Perhaps this is showing us what master hand's Moveset will be in Ultimate. If we play WoL first then classic,

  35. For the first time ever, without ever glitching or hacking the game, we are finally able to play as Master Hand.

  36. How can you play the Master Hand? Was it all a hack? Another thing to think about is that if the Master Hand has a Final Smash.

  37. Master hand is my main character from smash bros melee when it comes a event 51 or play smash for fun to play as master hand and now this game of super smash bros ultimate world of light i'll use a 3rd save file to play as master hand he is fun to use.

  38. It was so obvious that he would be playable after all brawl had millions of R.O.B.s and then it turned out he was playable in ultimate there were 740 master hands so it only made sense for him to be playable

  39. I play this level and me having this power is insane and very funAlso how the table have turn since smash bro in the 3ds

  40. Seeing Master Hand kick all these puppets’ asses just made me realize. The entire time, Master Hand was just testing us, giving us a fair fight. Here, he knows Galeem controlled him, and he is going FULL OUT in terms of strength!

  41. After we're done with the main scenario, can we play as Master hand, or at least that stage again without restarting the whole main scenario?

  42. There should be like a party mode in ultimate with a juggernaut mode kindof thing and the juggernaut is master hand.

  43. When this fight started I was trying to find where my character was until I realized my character was MASTER HAND and I freaked out

  44. when i got to play as master hand in the adventure mode, i was excited because i wanted to play as him since Brawl.

  45. Wait mess with the files and try to get MASTER hand to be playable via normal character selection by making a useless character slot a slot to MASTER hand if you select it

    It works omg I used Wii fit traine

  46. Wait a second, does this count as the 4th Kirby rep? Master hand is clearly somewhat related to that hand that wakes up Kirby, plus he was in one of the Kirby games. I’m fine with this.

  47. Please does anyone know a way to fight with the hand after the initial one, I just want to relive the moment without going through the whole game again

  48. All the torment that master hand has been through, a puppet to tabuu in subspace and galeem in WoLNow he fights backFinally #0 Master handI have been waiting since giga bowser was a final smash

  49. Then how TF do you play as Crazy hand?He's more insane then his bro,So how can we play as him?Destroy Master Hand with 600HP in a 1v1 battle

  50. You can imagine so many things with your hand it’s amazing destruction repair heal hurt build it’s just awsome


  52. You thought being A Gaint Ridley able to One Shot Anybody With Down B Yeah How About We Become Master Hand AndSlap everybody

  53. Who knew that simple gestures and movements that we use every day could be weaponized and bring tremendous amounts of havoc.

  54. I think it will be cool if Nintendo made a master hand vs normal players mode were one player is the master hand and the others are normal players

  55. 自分まだそこまで行ってないのですがそれって本当にできるんですか?

  56. Well, Sakurai did say he was bringing every playable character from every previous game to Ultimate, and since you can play as Master Hand in Melee (even though it's a hack/glitch), maybe he'll make Master Hand a DLC. 🤔

  57. Easily the best part of WoL.I loved it because it was a play on how there was a rumor that you could play master hand in 64/melee.

  58. Rhe final smash should be mastwr hand being helped by crazy hand and the do a"KAMEHH KAMMEHH KAMMMEEH HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA"


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