Goldberg vs Brock Lesnar – WWE 2K17 Trailer

Goldberg has returned to WWE 2K17 Video game to fight Brock Lesnar. You can see them brawling at backstage.

According to the newest WWE rumors, Lesnar vs. Goldberg 2 will likely happen at WrestleMania 33 next year in Orlando, Florida.… Read More

Valkyrie Drive Bhikkhuni Gameplay (NA) – Anime Games 2016

Valkyrie Drive Bhikkhuni NA Gameplay

The game will have Twenty���eight story missions, and arena-based online multiplayer. A group of girls is infected with the strange Armed Virus. When infected, the girls either transform into high-powered weapons when sexually aroused or … Read More

Call of Duty Infinite Warfare Story Mode Reveal

Epic Call of Duty Infinite Warfare trailer unveiled with Conor McGregor and Kit Harington

After a simultaneous blow on UNSA forces in Geneva and the Moon Port Gateway, Lt. Nick Reyes must get the helm of the Retribution, one of … Read More