Kirby Star Allies Gooey Vs. Secret Boss + Ending (Dark Matter – Alternate Theme / Stage)

A Dark Matter theme song will play when you battle morpho knight as Gooey in guest star mode. This is the 2nd new battle theme.

The background will also change when you play as Gooey Dark Matter.

Gooey Vs. New Final Boss

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Gooey first appeared in Kirby’s Dream Land 2 as a health recovery NPC that was found inside Animal Friend bags when Kirby already had one of them by his side.

He had a bigger role in Kirby’s Dream Land 3 as a CPU ally or a playable character for the second player who had similar powers to Kirby with the ability to absorb the enemies’ powers.

Kirby Star Allies Walkthrough Playlist:

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Unlocking New Friends In Kirby Star Allies + Final Boss Battle & Ending Rick, Kine, Coo, Marx, Gooey

Video suitable for all ages, kids & families

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136 thoughts on “Kirby Star Allies Gooey Vs. Secret Boss + Ending (Dark Matter – Alternate Theme / Stage)”

  1. Gooey is actually the main hero of the Kirby franchise. Everytime we think Kirby saves the day, it's actually been gooey finishing off the enemy. We just never get to see it. Gooey is a hero. Gooey is God.

  2. I was honestly more excited for Gooey than Marx, Gooey is DARK MATTER! and Mark is a final boss but gooey is DARK MATTER!

  3. When i saw the floor, i thought zero would appear after we beaten Hyness, sadly its just morpho knight with a different theme

  4. I like a lot more the Kirby's dream land 2 theme of dark matter but it got already a remix figthing Morpho Knigth with Rick, so I'm happy with this one

  5. We need Galacta Knight, Magolor, Susie, Taranza, and the 3 mages from this game as playable characters

  6. Fighting Morpho Knight with the Animal Trio: Dream Land 2 Dark Matter Theme Fighting Morpho Knight with Marx: Vs Marx theme Fighting Morpho Knight with Gooey: Dream Land 3 Dark Matter/Zero Theme Imagine more unique boss themes for future Dream Friends

  7. Thank god I was actually getting a bit mad they didn't remake hyperzone 1, still waiting for HAL to remix iceberg though

  8. Gooey:Rick hold my soda
    Rick: ok? *unfriended rick*
    Gooey: YOU DIDN'T DO IT..
    Mean while….
    Gooey:Marx Hold my sod-
    *marx fires his laser at gooey*
    Marx: N E V E R . . .

  9. Morpho sould be able to gaurd like Shadow mtaknight, Morpho should shoot a beam in a direction each time it slashes, it should change directions, it should rapidly shoot thunder to all characters on screen, it should combo if it hits you, it should make flashy long attacks while invulnerable, it should shoot red waves if you are alone instead of with friends like Tabuu

  10. Why did Gooey get rid of Rick?Also Gooey is automatically superior than any Dark Matter including Void Termina as his true form actually has a real mouth and two eyes rather than fake ones.

  11. nintendo design team: "yknow i kinda think Galacta Knight is over used. Lets switch it up a bit (no pun intended)"

  12. just like with marx, this music makes you feel like YOU are the final boss. with marx you feel like well… marx. with gooey i suppose you feel like dark matter/zero?

  13. for some reason, when i imagine the outcome of gooey being good, i imagine they take out a big spoonful of zero, and then they drop it in an evil-izer or something and it turns into evil dark matter, gooey escaped the evil-izer and gained a purpley blueish color.

    • I always thought Gooey was created in a similar sense to Kirby. He’s Dark Matter that was hit with pure positive energy.


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