Kirby Star Allies Secret Way to Battle Whispy Woods Boss (Friend Star) Rick Kine Coo Marx & Gooey

A new way to battle whispy woods using the friend star in HAL secret room!

–Btw guys, sometimes I like to edit out the loading screens to speed things up. I just don’t want to waste much of your time. I will often be doing this.

The HAL room can be found in Fruity Forest in Dream Land. You’ll find it right around the end of the level, before the boss battle with Whispy Woods.

The last room before the fight has two wooden platforms connected by two ladders. Drop down and walk until you reach the three-step hill that precurses the area where the boss battle starts. Walk up to but not past the third tree after the hill.

There’s an invisible switch here that opens the doorway to the HAL room. Take care not to walk past the tree or you will initiate the boss fight. Head back to the platform where the beginning of the room is, and a doorway will be there. This will take you to your first HAL room.

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151 thoughts on “Kirby Star Allies Secret Way to Battle Whispy Woods Boss (Friend Star) Rick Kine Coo Marx & Gooey”

    • How about ultra sword hypernova robobot amour and star allies sparkler combined into one final smash

    • Gabriel Prado
      The Cook ability isn't in every Kirby game yet it was his final smash in Brawl.
      The Ultra Sword was only in Return to Dreamland but it is Kirby's final Smash in Smash WiiU and 3DS.
      Get a better argument next time.

    • Shaymin Sky Form but you gotta admit that would be a awesome final smash because since triple deluxe planet robobot and this game Kirby has so many options for a final smash

  1. I just got an ad for Kirby star allies, of course I'm interested in this game that's why I'm watching gameplays of it!

  2. Well… now he can't be friended. 🙁

    Although… he only gives you food, stars, and a puzzle piece. Boss death fully heals you, it's not like they didn't give you enough lives beforehand, and you can just rego into this level and get another one earlier

  3. At :51 Kirby gets a bomb to the face and a few seconds after, his friend steps on the enemy. True friend right there, mvp.

  4. If anyone thinks this is fake,it’s not even try doing it’s actually really fun and if it was that would be REALLY good PhotoShop but I would not recommend doing it so early like your first time fighting WispyWoods in this game because there’s a lot of things that might take away the experience your first time using these items

  5. Watching Rick do his victory dance looks ADORABLE!

    I want a pet hamster now

    Probably not

    That thing would be gone with my dog around

  6. Sigh Hal Rooms where one must wait or go backwards. They're neat secrets, but I don't get how people find them. "Oh, off to fight Whispy Woo- Oh, wait, I'm gonna go backwards." "Oh, I've gotta escape!" … "Actually, just gonna wait around for a while. Oh, a door!"

  7. Can you fight all bosses with invincibility? As in hacking the game to get infinite invincibility.


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