Scariest game over screens in Luigi’s Mansion 3 on the Nintendo Switch.

0:00 King Boo Traps Luigi himself
3:36 Luigi Sleeping
3:55 Luigi Sleeping, but then doggy wakes him up
4:20 Goodbye Toad

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Luigi’s Mansion 3 – Final Boss + Ending:

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  1. so at 4:21 Toad gets kidnapped and as an result Luigi loses so then why doesn't Luigi lose at the start of the game since Toad has been kidnapped from the start?

  2. Level of scariness
    Doggo helping Luigi 1/10
    Luigi Sleeps on floor 2/10
    Toad being kidnap 8/10
    King Boo emprison Luigi 100/10

  3. i like to imagine in the ending where luigi gets trapped bowser comes and saves them all in order to kidnap peach

  4. The unused ending for Luigi’s mansion 1 was terrifying, but this is also pretty dark. Luigi was their only hope and now their’s no one to save them…

    • Katlyn Dobransky definitely I agree the unused game over for 1 was really scary but 3 makes it dark too.

    • toadbert: my friend elvin gadd and his friends have been captured by a ghosts. I heard that you are the second best luigi we have

      waluigi: I can finally do something important!

  5. When Luigi save everyone at the end, but toad get kidnap

    Princess peach: thank you Luigi for rescue us, but the red toad is in another castle

  6. The final game over scene for the Final Boss should have been Luigi in the painting with Mario, Peach, E. gadd, and the Toads.

  7. This what happens 0:00 cutscene when his friends got captured 2:40 king boo try to get Luigi 3:08 king boo got Luigi and put in the frame and a game over screen like with his friends got captured 3:34 ghost getting Luigi plus same game over screen3:54 ghost pup save Luigi with a bone 4:19 ghost got his friend and captured after when their get out the painting 4:50 Luigi’s mansion 3 logo (good hotel to not good hotel)Edit: like or reply if this helpful 👍

  8. Que nooooooooooooo Luigi 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫

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  10. luigi sleeping but doggy wakes him up= luigi dies to fall to sleep,but polterpup grabs a golden bone
    and luig wakes upi


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