Mario & Luigi Teams Up to Battle Final Boss in Luigi’s Mansion 3 + Ending

This video shows the final boss and ending for Luigi’s Mansion 3 on the Nintendo Switch.

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1080p 60fps gameplay by CommunityGame (2019)

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Yoshi’s Crafted World – Final Boss + Ending:

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214 thoughts on “Mario & Luigi Teams Up to Battle Final Boss in Luigi’s Mansion 3 + Ending”

    • Luigi : I saved you now let's go in a World without princess just bros
      Mario : nope I think I have something to save
      Luigi : OMG I think I had to leave you all

  1. Luigi: Bro, if we are going to team up, you must listen to me, we will be taking the ladder and surprise king…
    Mario: Just Jump Luigi! This way!
    Luigi: Sigh

    • honestly even if they tried that luigi would probably mess it up by stepping on something loud or breaking something it already happened twice in the game.

    • Casually,had Skilled to Jump in 0.10 miles had and eventho he had Wall Jump sore up
      But sadly Dr.Mario he had no super jump ;(

  2. So, is Luigi the hotel owner now? Speaking of which, I wonder how much richer this game made Luigi. Has he finally broken into the Ranks of the Billionaires?

  3. I absolutely LOVE how you play/control Luigi to make this look extremely cinematic, although these aren't cutscenes. Great work!

  4. Me: get down to small amount of health in this game
    My finger to the volume button: aight you gotta go

    • It's really cool he tries to help out in this game, even if it's short-lived.

      I heard that apparently Mario, Peach and Toad were planned to be playable in Dark Moon's Scarescraper, but got cut for some reason (probably plot reasons). It'd be nice to them all playable for DLC, but then again it's Luigi's game… so…?

    • It must be quite heavy, since it has all that tech and a compressed Gooigi in the back canister aswell.

  5. super mario bros u: luigi can wall jump and triple jumpluigi's mansion 3: luigi cannot ;-;

  6. I like the brothers equally but how come Mario did all those flips and jumps but Luigi didn’t cuz Luigi is supposed to be a higher jumper than Mario

  7. 5:29 Is it just me or is Mario practically in tears? Just shows that Charles Martinet as Mario actually CAN do DRAMA! (Makes you wonder about the upcoming Mario movie by Illumination.

  8. Wish they let Mario team up with luigi in a proper fight(maybe have him jump on and off stage with items to use against a boss), because I love the brother dynamic when they get the chance to interact

  9. I love how Mario, upon being rescued, takes flight and does all the wallkicks n stuff. Fair to say this is definitely Odyssey's Mario lmao

  10. I played this with my little sister and it's a funny story after we rescue Mario I thought he was king boom in disguise and my little sister see him as the real Mario and I felt awkward and ashamed and it's hilarious when Mario lead us to the tower

  11. Imagine if Mario was secretly king boo and the actual Mario painting would be with princess peach and then king boo would just shapeshift into king boo when Luigi finds the paintings

  12. When I first played the game, I missed the opportunity to say "Where’s the fire, Mario?" (in reference to Superstar Saga). So now I’m doing it here.


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