What happens when Kirby uses his mike ability on Rick when he sleeps?

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  1. What if HAL sees this video and decides to give Rick a special wake up animation when kirby uses his mike in the next patch? It could happen lol.

    • TheDeathe21
      I could work like Like how Rick, Kine and Koo work in this game. That or Bandana Waddle Dee would be cool to see in Smash Bros. on the Switch. We need more Kirby Reps. Same for Donkey Kong too.

    • If we get more Kirby characters I hope that Marx makes it in. Also, Rick could use his sleeping as a taunt

  2. Megaphone: wake up time for school!
    Rick: I don’t…wanna
    Desk Mike: You’re going to miss the bus!
    Rick: I don’t care… zzzzz
    Stand Mike: I’ll give you donuts after school!
    Rick: leave me alone I know you’re lying

  3. Rick is me in the morning and Kirby is my mum waking me up. If I was an awesome Australian hamster and my mum was adorable but had no neck, you couldn’t tell the footage side-by-side apart XD

  4. If you just walk off while hes sleeping. Does he still just stay there left behind and still asleep? Or will the cpu part wake him up and make him either catch up to you or warp to you? Im sorry if what im asking doesnt make sense.

  5. Kirby: WAKE UP!
    Rick: zzzz
    Kirby: WAKE UP!!
    Rick: ZZZZZ
    Kirby: "inhale" WA..
    Rick: I'm up, I'm up, geez you don't…need..to….zzzzzz
    Kirby: god dammit

  6. Kirby:Yes your finnaly awake
    (Rick starts sleeping again)
    Kirby:nooooooooooooo it took so long to wake you up in the fist place. 😢

  7. If the Fatal Chorus move didn't wake up Rick
    Kirby: Whispering Wow, Rick is a heavy sleeper.
    Rick: W O K E

  8. Knuckle Joe/Buggzy Boi for Smash Switch.


  9. So Kirby's mike ability first two stages are strong enough to kill enemy's, but not loud enough to wake Rick? Seems legit

  10. Kirby: WAKE UP
    Rick: zzz….I don’t wanna
    Kirby: WAKE UP
    Rick: I still don’t wanna

  11. Rick firey soul for music is so strong, not even the unconscious of his own mortal body can resist the allure of music! BARE WITNESS TO THIS DESTINED MUSIC GOD AS HE SING TO THE HEAVEN AND BLESSES US WITH HIS VOICE OF FLUFFYNESS


  13. Rick clearly is a very heavy sleeper judging by how Kirby just couldn't wake him up despite the racket he made

  14. you seriously think you could wake him up after he was running on a treadmill for 23 hours straight

  15. NEWS FLASHRude Kirby Tries To Interrupt Local Rick's Comfy SleepThis Kirby will be charged $1,000,000 for daring interrupt cute Rick's comfy sleep police say

  16. Here's a loaded experiment: What happens when Bandana Dee shares food with Adeleine?I think you know where I'm going with this.

  17. Kirby- Wake up!Rick- Zzzzzz….Kirby- WAKE UP!Rick- Zzzzzzzzzzz…Kirby- WAKE UP, KARAOKE TIME!Rick- OH YASSSSSSSSSSSS!:both sing: Rick- Right, I’m going back to sleep now Kirby, night.Kirby- AAAAAAAARGH!

  18. Rick: zzzzzKirby: rickRick: zzzzzKirby: RICKRick: zzzzzKirby: RIIICKRick: JESUS CRIST KIRBY I'M UP??? seconds laterRick: what was i doing, oh yeah zzzzzKirby: GOD DAMMIT


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