All Luigi Funny reactions Cutscenes in Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story for the Nintendo DS.

I’ll do another one of Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story + Bowser Jr.’s Journey when it’s out.

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  1. Everytime luigi is scared of battling:Mario: Fight it!Luigi: NO!battle start introMario: Let'sa goLuigi: Okie-dokieMe: …wut?

  2. I’m guessing that Nintendo aren’t going to make a partners in time remake yet because this is the sequel of the story

  3. Man, do I love Luigi! He makes me laugh a lot, we relate to him, and is extraordinary! Not only that, but he also has more personality than Mario, his older brother! Also, I love how Luigi acts pretty childish pretty much like me in this game! He is adorably hilarious! LOL! 😂😂

  4. They really skimped out on voice acting for the remake. The crying scene just feels so empty in the new one.

  5. In the wild, we can see the rare Luigi in its natural habitat doing what is called: The Luigi Based Jokes

  6. I like to think as myself as Luigi, I’m the younger brother of a family, I’m always enthusiastic, sometimes scared a lot, and, is sometimes cold.Bonus: I’m kinda fit to.


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