This Is What Happens When You Freeze Time in Smash Run (Super Smash Bros 3DS) – Kirby

Super Smash Bros 3DS Smash Run, but there are no enemies in sight unless you consider Shotzo an enemy. Playing as Kirby.

When you freeze the timer the enemies and bosses will eventually stop spawning within the level. It’s so quiet and peaceful here.

And no the world of light music doesn’t pop up. I just edit that in since the gameplay music was off.

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88 thoughts on “This Is What Happens When You Freeze Time in Smash Run (Super Smash Bros 3DS) – Kirby”

    • Ok time to see the background (45264644746 bosses spawn) well Time to to fight these 4526464476 bosses (couldn't finish) ok I try later. Year 2018 will i never see the background of this game mode stage 😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤

  1. Oh the memories. If they decide to add this in ultimate I hope they spawn less enemies or at least give us an easy mode.

  2. This is by far the first EVER smash 3DS gameplay I’ve ever seen (even since release)

    Also:does anyone still have that 136 year ban glitch still active?😹

  3. I hope we fight enemies in World of Light like we did in Adventure Mode, Subspace Emissary, and Smash Run though I'm doubting it sadly.

  4. I might be the only one who will still play Smash 3DS even after Ultimate's release. Of course I'll play both

  5. “Naruto “ the back ground is so beautiful
    “Sasuke” of course you would say that

  6. How did you do this and is it safe and work for current version (sorry for all the questions it reminds me of subspace so I really wanna play it

  7. 5:09 Eagle-eyed Viewers will notice Kirby isn't alone! Lucario is the only true enemy that's alive! (unless you count the Shotzos as an enemy)


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