Super Smash Bros Ultimate All Characters Songs fits with that New Cutscene Animation Trailer

The new Super Smash Bros Ultimate trailer syncs with all characters theme song. I think every character theme music fits in perfectly, but that’s just me. ► Activate the description for the order of the songs & enjoy.

All 77 Super Smash Bros. Ultimate characters and DLC characters so far:
0:00 Mario
1:00 Pikachu, Jigglypuff, Mewtwo, Lucario, Charizard, Greninja, Pokemon Trainer, Incineroar and Pichu
2:00 Kirby
3:00 Peach and Piranha Plant
4:00 Bowser, Bowser Jr. and koopalings
5:00 King K. Rool
5:58 Luigi
6:59 Pit and Lady Palutena
7:58 Mega man
8:58 Ryu
9:58 Ridley
10:57 Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong
11:57 Link, Zelda, Sheik, Toon Link and Young Link
12:56 Marth (Fire Emblem)
13:55 Yoshi
14:55 Splatoon inkling
15:55 Star Fox, Falco and Star Wolf
16:53 Ness and Lucas
17:53 Sonic
18:52 Shulk
19:52 Pikmin and Olimar
20:51 Dr. Mario
21:53 Ice Climbers
22:53 Snake
23:52 Capt falcon
24:50 little Mac
25:50 Bayonetta
26:50 Cloud
27:49 Simon and Richter
28:48 Mr. Game & Watch
29:48 Wii Fit Trainer
30:49 Rosalina and luma
31:47 Duck Hunt
32:46 Wario
33:46 Villager
34:45 R.O.B.
35:44 Isabelle
36:44 Pac-Man
37:43 Meta Knight
38:43 Ken Theme
39:42 King Dedede
40:42 Dark Pit
41:41 Samus and Zero Suit Samus
42:40 Dark Samus
43:40 Ganondorf
44:39 Roy
45:39 Ike
46:38 Chrom, Robin and Lucina
47:37 Corrin
48:37 Daisy
49:36 Mii Fighters

– All Smash bros Songs / Music from BrawlBRSTMs3 X channel:
– Super Smash Bros 5 Trailer by Nintendo:
– Chunky Kong animation from suppermariobroth Tumblr
– Pit cheers voice clip from Master0fHyrule
– Coconut from A_Fanclorn_user
– Wario voice clips from t0ms0nic Tumblr
– Threw some Nintendo Memes

Video suitable for kids & families.

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362 thoughts on “Super Smash Bros Ultimate All Characters Songs fits with that New Cutscene Animation Trailer”

  1. It's time likes this I wish Mario had a down move that makes him punch the ground so hard it breaks the ground around him as a move that keeps away foes if it misses.

    • I did. I thought they were genius. Although for when Captain Falcon was getting punched by DK there should've been a Fist of the North Star reference.

  2. But..with Ridley's, you didn't line it up so Mario smashed the ground at the proper time. If you had started his theme just a couple seconds later, it would've lined up perfectly.

  3. Amazing just amazing! Super smash bros animal crossing Pokemon Splatoon Zelda and Kirby are my fave games ever

  4. seriously when is someone gonna put fist bump to this it fit's perfectly with everything. Yes, I mean both fist bump and the trailer go with everything

  5. I replied this to one comment, but here it is again
    I think i figured it out. Its the style of the series and trailer, a fun crossover, its ridiculous, but also epic. They have moments to line up really well on beat. Its the nature of smash bros, a fun, ridiculous, yet wild and powerful.

  6. 30:50 it seems like it's a wedding and a fight has broken out and everyone is trying to tear each others heads off but the musicians give 0 f***s because they like their music and want their pay.

  7. I thought this was meant to be theme songs from the characters in the game not the generic theme song of the ensemble characters from the same series.

  8. watching the same trailer for 50 mins. straight does something to a man. And that is to get him hyped for smash ultimate

  9. Le descubrí el secreto chequence cundo mario salta al principio póngale pausa y tu veras alado de mario un mario verde como luigi tal ves y es un color de mario bingo

  10. i like the first one because cheese is yummy and glasses dont do that much damage as a metroid dvd case

  11. These are really good. As anyone done the Attack on Titan with this yet? I know that was like this for a while.

  12. When Minor Circuit came on, Nostalgia smeked me in the face. I used to love that song, I would pause the game and just listen to the song XD

  13. Mario's Theme: This is all fun and games!Pokemon Theme: This will be an epic battle.Ganondorf Theme: THIS WILL DETERMINE THE FATE OF THE WORLD!

  14. so splaton is famous
    they released splatoon 2 octo expansion (idk if its in the splatoon 1 game or its a sequel)
    15:00 after a second they release splatoon 3 killing each other

  15. All these compilations of commercials with different songs is opening my mind to what other songs can be used. Made my day

  16. 7:25 Do you hear that?Do you hear the people’s cheers?They’re celebrating the fact you didn’t use the most overused Kid Icarus song in place of this masterpiece.

  17. None of the comments on this video make sense anymore. The user's timestamps are not accurate and that is because the pokemon company recently muted the pokemon theme song within my video so I decided to just remove that part through the Youtube editor.If you're going to read the comments below, then just remember this; the part I removed was 1 minute long so all you have to do is subtract the user's timestamps by 1 minute for the comments to make sense again.

  18. Roy, Ike and Corrin's character themes should be the main theme of their respective fire emblem games: binding blade, path of radiance/ radiant dawn and fates birthright/conquest/revelation

  19. Super Smash Bros Ultimate All Characters Songs fits with that New Cutscene Animation Trailer 0:00 Marie Chaboyea-Kingbird & Marie Chaboyea

  20. Super Smash Bros Ultimate All Characters Songs fits with that New Cutscene Animation Trailer 0:00 Marie Chaboyea & Marie Chaboyea & Marie Chaboyea-Kingbird


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