This video will show every single Bow weapon in The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild and you will see the bow weapons in action. It’ll also include bow weapons from Amiibos.

List of bows timestamp

0:00 Twilight Bow
0:21 Bow of Light
00:41 Duplex Bow
01:26 Wooden Bow
02:04 Royal Bow
02:37 Knight’s Bow
03:14 Royal Guard’s Bow
03:49 Savage Lynel Bow
04:30 Steel Lizal Bow
05:06 Phrenic Bow
05:48 Great Eagle Bow
06:24 Dragon Bone Boko Bow
06:54 Mighty Lynel Bow
07:25 Ancient Bow
07:56 Falcon Bow
08:21 Swallow Bow
08:43 Golden Bow
09:15 Silver Bow
09:44 Forest Dweller’s Bow
10:17 Strengthened Lizal Bow
10:47 Lynel Bow
11:14 Lizal Bow
11:41 Boko Bow
12:10 Spiked Boko Bow
12:35 Soldier’s Bow
13:01 Traveler’s Bow

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  1. golden bow is my favorite utility bow because it's so easy to obtain, basically a mini version of the ancient bow

  2. duplex bow is the best, it looks so cool when it fire two arrows at once using only one ammunition

  3. I want to see a return of the Silver arrows from the original Zelda in the next zelda game

  4. How do you have the bow of light? It only is obtainable if you fight dark beast….

    • Noah Kiriakopoulos Wilson Don't make lemonade! I am going to burn your house down with my lemon granades!!! -Cave Johnson

    • He didn't leave the fight, this is normal gameplay. He cheated it into the game because he's playing on CemU.You can see that because 1.) he has a completely cheated save file and 2.) the particle effects of the Ancient Arrows are glitched out, because CemU can't handle them yet.

  5. all bows have a weakness or it burns if it touches fire or you can be hit by lightning only ancient bow is an exception

    • it is a glitch you go to the gambling mini game deactivating the barriers in the boss fight then you hang it in your house so you can save. now it is your for good. Just a good Idea to do all the main story before doing this.

  6. Where can you get the bow of light? I only got it , when I fought ganon but after the fight , its gone

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