Meanwhile, in a Parallel Universe, Kirby has joined the Mario kart 8 character roster to face off against Mario and his friends.

Kirby Mod was created by SmashingRenders
SmashingRenders twitter:

Everything else is by Nintendo

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    • df uff ffz w tym roku nie będzie to możliwe dzięki zastosowaniu technologii i yyy w tym roku nie będzie to możliwe dzięki zastosowaniu technologii i u

  1. Kirby is so much cooler than those splatoon characters! Why nintendo! Why didn't you include kirby in mario kart 8 deluxe?!

    • Juego Espanol I argree! And some dude made a joke that Nintendo was asking for some new charecters and a 3rd employ said Kirby and was thrown out the window and now I hate him for that!

    • Juego Espanol it was to promote splatoon 2, our lil kirbster didn't have much attention at the time

  2. Imagine if they did this and had a kirby air ride references by letting you ride the dragon peices

    • 15KnucklesLover i would play it all day! And guess what character I'm always gonna be!

  3. Nintendo Headquarters
    "Alright everyone, we're going to add more racers in the deluxe version, any suggestions?"

    1st employee
    2nd employee
    3rd employee

    ~Stare intensify~

    3rd employee thrown out through the window

  4. This is such a cleverly designed mod. I wonder if SmashingRenders was inspired by the Rosalina trailer.

    • Same am just sad the Roblox noob can't join I know the kart he can use yellow blue and green I want this to happen

    • Yeah. And Plus He Deserved to be in the Game more than the Inklings Because Kirby races and has his own racing game.

  5. guys its a hack look at the start he used koopa Troopa as Kirby they didn't atchley put him in the roaster

  6. Even better,how about Super Smash Kart? With items and tracks from all series involved,it would be awesome! ^_^

  7. It's actually funny when you think about it, but during the Sm4sh character intros, Kirby is pictured with the Warp Star, flying around Rainbow Road, and then gets Anti-Air missiled by a Luma and lands on the road, with all the Mario Kart racers just stopping. They kind of threw away a golden opportunity for Kirby to join the races.

  8. we Don have a Kirby in mk8 deluxe. but we have Metal Mario. Pinkgold Peach and Baby versions of Mario, Luigi, Peach, Daisy, Rosalina. Wtf!?

  9. I'd really like a Kirby air ride crossover with Mario Kart 8 deluxe! Anyone agree? I'll tell more later. LOL XD


  11. Leave it to the fans to do Nintendo's job for them.Seriously, they put in Link and Splatoon but not Kirby who has ACTUALLY been in a racing game before?! Should have been a no-brainer for Nintendo.

  12. somebody grab the ink spray to spray the inklings and make sure they never come back and add kirby to the game

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