Super Smash Bros Ultimate All 68 Characters and Final Smashes and unlockable characters so far, you can find the list of characters by activating the description

00:00 Mario
00:18 Donkey Kong
00:37 Botw Link
00:56 Samus
01:16 Yoshi
01:35 Kirby
01:53 Fox
02:12 Pikachu
02:30 Luigi
02:50 Ness
03:09 Captain Falcon
03:28 Jigglypuff
03:50 Princess Peach
04:08 Daisy
04:26 King Bowser
04:44 Ice Climbers
05:03 Sheik
05:21 Zelda
05:40 Dr. Mario
05:57 Pichu
06:16 Falco
06:34 Marth
06:51 Lucina
07:07 Young Link
07:24 Ganondorf
07:42 Mewtwo
08:01 Roy
08:20 Mr. Game & Watch
08:39 Meta Knight
08:59 Dark Pit
09:09 Pit
09:14 Zero Suit Samus
09:37 Wario
09:59 Snake
10:17 Ike
10:38 Pokemon Trainer w/ Squirtle Ivysaur Charizard
10:56 Diddy Kong
11:16 Lucas
11:35 Sonic
11:53 King Dedede
12:11 Olimar
12:31 Lucario
12:50 R.O.B. / Rob
13:09 Toon Link
13:32 Wolf
13:50 Villager
14:07 Mega Man
14:26 Wii Fit Trainer
14:46 Rosalina & Luma
15:06 Little Mac
15:28 Greninja
15:45 Mii Fighter
16:03 Palutena
16:20 PAC-MAN
16:41 Robin
17:00 Shulk
17:08 Bowser Jr.
17:39 Duck Hunt
17:58 Ryu
18:15 Cloud
18:32 Corrin
18:52 Bayonetta
19:12 Inkling
19:31 Ridley

Nintendo E3 2018

Super Smash Bros Switch Reveal

Super Smash Bros 5 Ridley Reveal:

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Super smash bros all final smashes & DLC final smash the complete edition:

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Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo Switch will be available this year in 2018!

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    • Money seeker He never had change in his costume and his voice.. and still being a character with a game that didn't have a future.. I Wish a final Smash when he Driving the Blue Falcon Hitting the Characters and Jump from this to finish with a Falcon Punch like in Brawl Story Mode…

    • Can't really think of what else one would give him. Running over dudes in the Blue Falcon is pretty freakin' sick. Maybe add more racers to the cutscene? Like Golden Fox, Flame Stingray, Wild Goose, etc.?

  1. Love this game just hate when they put cool iconic characters as assist trophy its like a big screw you everytime

    • don't think of it as a "screw you". i'm happy for any character i love to appear at all. seeing bomberman, waluigi, and samurai goroh as assists isn't as awesome as seeing them playable, but it's still great seeing them included


    • Aj The Boss The best game ever until a few months later after release and a new "best game ever" comes around.
      Let's all just agree that this is going to be a really good game.

  2. I think Palutena looks much better now:

    Looks like faster tilts

    Faster smash attack from the reveal trailers.

    And better specials.

    😀 Im happy.

  3. EVERY SINGLE DAMN CHARACTER BEEN BUFF!!!!!!!!🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊😁😁😁😁😁😄😄😄😄😄

    • Omg i didn’t think of that! I was thinking of him using the ocarina to fast foaward time and the stupid moon can crash but Boooooo YOURS IS WAY BETTER BUT LOOKING AT Y. LINKS SHIELD ITS FROM OCARINA noooo I doubt they will do his final smash based on majors mask. I hope they do something cool.

    • Ooh what if they do a pokemon trainer thing and his down special is him using different masks. At the very least his smash attacks could do that. Side would be goron up would be zora and down would be deku

    • How about they just copy hyrule warriors and make him use the fierce deity and then cut the moon in half but its gonna be one of those (Ya gotta get close enough for it to work)damaging anyone

    • They took away wario man so if he does become fierce deity it's gonna be a cutscene transformation most likely

  4. If they're adding Echo Characters, why wasn't Dr. Mario an Echo of Mario if Dark Pit is an Echo of Pit now?

  5. I can't find any footage of young link's final smash. He never had one. I really reaaally want it to be fierce deity but I'm almost positive it will be the same as toon link's

  6. Where is…….WALUIGI!!!!!!! SAKURAI YOU HAVE FROM NOW TILL IT REALEASES other wise Nintendo's worker count might drop by 1 or even a few so I better see waluigi before it REALEASES!!.

  7. krystal form star fox, another pokemon instead of pichu, bomberman should be a character, another one form sonic too, is impossible but banjo kazooie would be perfect, maybe crash, and a lot of alternate costumes and battle damage and absolutly all the stage of all smashes, even the shit of elektroplankton, and of course all the music, melee mecanics and speed and the perfect game is done

  8. Hopefully all slow characters specialy link gets faster attacks like if u want that im soooo happy watching this omg im dumb lol hahahaahaha u dont know how happy i am watching this video hahahahaha lolol i love u

  9. I'll be honest: as a Bowser main I'm not quite certain how I feel about Bowser's new final smash. I mean, yeah, smashing your foes into oblivion is epic, true, but I feel I will miss wrecking havoc as the previous version of giga Bowser whereas you could fully control him and use regular Bowser's attacks, but with launch force and elemental damage applied. Maybe the punch is an entrance move, then he jumps on the stage?

  10. Characters they need are – metal mario, wario, waluigi, toad, boo the ghost, banjo, kazooie, mumbo jumbo, james bond, predator, duke nukem, earthworm jim, megaman, ninja turtles, mortal kombat characters, rampage characters, blanka from street fighter, knuckles, bomberman, harvest moon

  11. Daisy and Peach together. As a peach player, I like this grab with toad, and daisy looks like she is an alternate persona with a few differences.

    • That would have been OP and too hard to implement but I do agree it should have had something to do with Cappy.

    • Technically no. At most you're going to miss out of one move, and thats assuming the classic down-B switch which might change into something more non-limiting. If assuming down-B, either Rock Smash of Flare Blitz will be gone, but there's no telling. They may have found something different to press or they may even combine his up-B into a directional Flare Blitz (which I doubt though).

    • I'm confused too. What's happening with his down B? I'm sure they can think of better ways to allow them to switch out.

    • No he isn’t. Charizard, like in Brawl, is part of Pokémon Trainer along with Squirtle and Ivysaur. Down B is Pokémon change, with Rock Smash likely removed and Flare Blitz still being his Side Special.

  12. Huh. So Pichu's got the same final smash as Pikachu. I mean, I guess it makes sense since Volt Tackle is an egg move, but I was still hoping for them to do something a little more interesting with the little guy.

  13. Damn all the character animations look fantastic their facial expressions are so animated really excited for this new smash

  14. Speaking of Pit and Snake, I wonder if one of them are gonna get special conversations. Even doing a special conversation like Star Fox

  15. I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s going to be a lot more newcomers, like with ssb4, they’re probably going newcomers to the release of the game. This is where the crazy and surprising newcomers are introduced

  16. It's weird how only the Clone characters from Smash 4 and Ultimate are labled as Echos.

    I mean, Dr Mario, Pichu, and Roy should at least be counted as Echo, since they have they're all clones and have the same Final Smash as their counterparts.

    • The game isn’t finished. And since Adult Link is in his Breath Of The Wild form, then he might have a different moveset while Young Link remains on his Melee moveset.

  17. 3:45 Jigglypuff's Final Smash is buffed! It pops for a second even much bigger after she done pushing them. When starting to shrink It pops bigger shortly. You can see pink effects on the side. I'm happy Jigglypuff is in every smash game <3

    • Just like Bayonetta without sadistic nature isn't Bayonetta. Snake without his serious military moves (like his neck snap) isn't Snake. Ridley without violence isn't Ridley.

  18. Why kirby's dash is fire like in melee that move gives me PTSD from back the day…. :'( i liked a lot yoyo kirby's dash

  19. I still don't quite understand why link takes his breath of the wild design but Zelda takes more of link between worlds design. I'm not complaining or anything, just confused

    • BotW Zelda is more into research than fighting, plus (almost) every Zelda character in the game represents a different Zelda game.

  20. Weird thing i noticed Sheik is NO 16 And Zelda is NO 17 Im sure its really not that big of a deal but i thought sheik would be lower on the list than zelda since she didnt really get a full slot til smash 4 but im nit picking but still its mildly interesting

    • I hope not, there's already two Awakening characters in the game already. I'm hoping a character from Three Houses.

  21. Just hopefully they bring in some DLC characters later on as well, just oddly want Dark Samus to make an appearance instead of being an assist trophy. Looking forward to SSBU.

  22. I imagine Bowser's entrance in a Mario-Party-8-ish style in such Smash Bros. game like that.
    (kinda like during the event in DK's Treetop Temple, the time the Bowser Space activates, He emerges from a purple-black source of energy in a style that represents teleportation.)

    • I'm thinking that – like Simon, and all the other characters I confirmed – he's going to be a new challenger to Super Smash Bros. Universe. I imagine his Chaos Blast as his Final Smash, his Chaos Control as his Smash B(Side B), his Chaos Spear as his normal B, and his Chaos Burst (from Sonic Rivals) as his Down B, while his Up-B would be a Chaos Boost (from Sonic Rivals 2).
      The Super Form would be used as his Final Smash – albeit part of his Chaos Blast Attack.

  23. I am confirming Wizpig from Diddy Kong Racing, Tails from Sonic 2, Metal Sonic from Sonic CD, Eggman from Sonic 1, Dr. Wily from Megaman, and Gengar from Pokemon, plus Geno from SMRPG, and Simon from Castlevania.
    In order:
    1. Simon (Castlevania Judgement)
    2. Wizpig. (Diddy Kong Racing)
    3. Tails (Sonic the Hedgehog 2)
    4. Metal Sonic (Sonic The Hedgehog CD)
    5. Dr. Wily (Megaman)
    6. Gengar. (Pokemon)
    7. Geno. (Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars)
    8. Dante (Devil May Cry)
    9. Greymon (Digimon: Digital Monsters)
    10. Shadow (Sonic Adventure 2)
    11. Silver (Sonic The Hedgehog 2006)

  24. Bomberman, Conker, Banjo and Kazooie, Crash Bandicoot, Rayman, Circus Charlie, Spyro, Ratchet and Clank, Jak and Daxter, Sora, Ty

  25. I dont even know where to start, i am so excited! i saw so many little quality changes like Macs side special not making him useless anymore, same with duck hunts up-s, no weird long animations with palutena anymore, chargeups can be redirected, no base a without a smack at the end (villager), no transforming CBs, the bringht and claylike animation looks superfun and clean, im about to cry

  26. personally, I feel that the new include characters this time round so far aren't anything all too exciting. I mean sure people asked for Ridley a lot and it finally got added, and daisy is finally not just a colour option for peach, but the inklings are kinda expected considering the popularity/how early on was it announced, and nothing completely out of the box like pac-man, duck hunt and the sorts.

  27. Boner for Masked Dedede intensifies
    Meta Knight probably not nerfed…
    Dark Pit is back… Ew.
    Sonic & Knuckles
    Also Ice Climbers are back!

  28. I wish Sonic's side B would be boost but can only be used for a short time and can only be used once in the air like Sheik's bouncing fish. I think it should also have combo potential 😗

  29. It would be funny if skull kid from majora's mask was a character and the moon crashing down was his final smash

  30. Galera pra quem é fã de Pokemon Rais da uma olhada na página que criei de Pokemon .
    Pokemon Equipe Rocket⚔️

  31. I like Dk's final smash, I just wish it was more like when he defeats a boss with the black background and launching the enemy out of existence.

  32. I don't like the changes on Luigi's side b, I liked it when it looked like he was absorbing power, not getting ready to race.

  33. The fact that Ike from POR still has his Ranger class instead of his Lord class and from RD he's not in his Vanguard ..not to mention his stance still bugs me =/

  34. 4:36 The stage here looks all low-res, like the original 64 version. Are we going to have the option of playing stages with their original textures?

  35. Wait so they kept Shulk in his boxers but no Zero Suit Samus sports bra? Wow. Now I feel like a triggered feminist…

  36. They cut off Samus’ final smash really early.

    does that mean she changes into zero suit right afterwards and they’re just keeping it a surprise

    edit: ZSS’ final smash hasn’t been shown 👀

  37. I think it's very much worth noting that robin's final smash still hasn't been shown. I think Chrom is in the game as an echo fighter of Ike, as he was mentioned in the previous game as being "too similar" To said character in palutena's guidance.

  38. Damn. Was hoping to see Young Link's final smash. I doubt it's going to be Fierce Deity, but I still really want to know for some reason.

  39. My mouth is watering over how many characters I can play as. I am going to do my best to get this game.

  40. I'm starting to think that Chrom from Fire Emblem is a character now as they didn't show Robin's final smash and most Characters who's final smash weren't shown need to be changed like Diddy Kong because his is a transformation but they didn't show Diddy new one giving me reason to believe Chrom is a character but is most likely an Eco character

  41. Clones… Clones everywhere… Daisy was absolutely unnecessary. <.< And why they haven't worked out Ganondorf being a carbon copy of Cpt. Falcon is beyond me… Then there's Marth and Roy and that other Fire Emblem girl…. Lucina was it? Oh, and Toon Link and Young Link…

  42. They should've added the Toy Hammer for the Villager as a attack… It would look so funny seeing the Villager whacking his enemies with it.

    You want a axe? You want swords? You want dragons? You want guns and lasers? Well, here you go! The best weapon…

    Gives Villager a Toy Hammer

  43. Jigglypuff never even be in Pokémon anymore 😂😂 love how smash keeps her around since childhood tho

  44. We have Wii fit trainer, one of the most bland characters in all of Nintendo, yet the developers couldn't be bothered to ask Bandai Namco to use Jin Kazama or Eliza? Wow Nintendo, really lowering my expectations here….

  45. To this very day, they still haven't add our boi Waluigi…

    Also, every Final Smash basically has the user become: T R I G G E R E D

  46. So with all the characters in this one. Who were everyone's past mains and who do you think you'll main in SB ultimate?

    I've always played as Marth and mr. game and watch since melee. I also started maining Palutena in the last one.

  47. If it's got snake I wonder if Nintendo could get konami to let them use Alucard as a fighter. I'd love to have another sword/magic user, plus they could add his unique transformations

  48. Y'all talk about wanting your Shantae's and your Shovel Knights, but know who I want yet know would never get in? Travis. Travis F***ing Touchdown. Now he would be an amazing fighter to have…sure they'd have to dial down the swearing, but they did it for Bayonetta…surely they can do it for Travis…right? D:

  49. 0:32 You can hear ORA oraoraoraoraoraoraoraoraoraoraoraoraoraoraoraoraoraoraoraoraoraoraoraoraoraoraora ORA if you listen closely.

  50. Sonic, Snake, Ryu and Cloud didn't deserve to be in this childish game. They would be better in PSASBR 2

  51. i hope they remake melee's intro with all these chracters you know ? like when samus was fighting ridley ?

  52. I searched this out because I was looking for the a video of final smashes I started but didn't finish.

  53. I don't like wiifit trainer and mii fighters being in the game.. The game is about iconic gaming characters of all the Nintendo series.. They do not have a place. R. O. B is only here because of brawl.

  54. 3:18 Captain Falcon is totally a Videogame ALL MIGHT JAJAJAJAJAJAJ. Bowser, K Rool, Ridley and Mewtwo are my favorite characters of this game, I love it 😀


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