Super Smash Bros Ultimate ALL FINAL SMASHES So Far! Which characters are still missing?

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    • Ultra 7 remember how they said there’s only like 30 characters in the E3 version. Luigi isn’t one, so there’s no way we can see/find it

    • After Water hes was one of the original 12 n64 smash characters. I doubt hes not in there from the start.

  1. I feel bad for all the Waluigi Fans!😂😂😂

    Daisy wins it big! Daisy has ascended beyond the Kart Racing, Partying, Sports Games and made her way into Smash! I’m immensely shocked she made it before him.



    But damn I wonder if Bomberman could’ve worked or if Sakurai couldn’t think of a moveset for him but I think it’s better than nothing. Rayman was just a Trophy so yes I’d take him being an Assist over just being a collectible.

    • Sakurai has stated that he has no plans for Story Mode. He was upset with the fact that people could just look up all the Subspace Emissary clips in Brawl on Youtube. Saying that it takes away the fun of finding them yourself. I don't think he'll change that. Unless he really wanted to end this off with a bang and show off Story Mode.

    • M0lot0v94 well he did say that the game is still in development but we can't expect much. But it would be cool to see Story Mode again would you agree?

  2. Anyone know if Pokémon Trainer’s final smash is still Triple Finish? And can you provide a source if you reply?

  3. Lucas's Final Smash looks majestically cute – because of Boney, all in all I love this and Ness's Final Smash as they both call their friends for help. But I take it that Duster will likely be an Assist Trophy.

  4. I'm thinking they will include all modes since they included all characters, I personally think theres a solid chance there will be story mode like they did w/ smash

    • The player controlled smashes took too long and you know what happened, people spent that time running away (which made them pretty bad on certain stages) or after they got KO'd they stayed on the respawn platform until the transformation smashes ran out…

      You could say it's less fun all you want, that doesn't mean they were better…

  5. I don't like how Bowser looks now (not his final smash, just his overall model and coloring). It looks dark and gritty like in Brawl and Melee rather than his vibrant and powerful poster and colors in Sm4sh.

  6. insert Ora and Muda references to Little Mac and DK's new smashes….

    hell, Ata ata ata might have a spot too…

  7. so since they're changing final smashes to be faster and get to the point quicker does anybody know if they've changed Peach's?

  8. I would have really liked it if Mario could use Cappy as a secondary final smash that you can switch out with the other one as a custom character version of Mario

  9. The fact that almost nobody has actual transformations and it’s just a single move is a bit disappointing


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