Super Smash Bros Switch & WII U All Cutscenes Movie 2018 So Far – All Character Trailers SSB 5 & 4

All Super Smash Bros. Switch, Nintendo WII U and Nintendo 3DS Trailers so far in one video (Latest character trailers: Inkling from Super Smash Bros 5 Switch, This also includes all of Super Smash Bros 4 All Trailers @ 1080p + HD 60fps)
Timestamps are below, so go ahead and click any to re-watch your favorite super smash bros 5 cutscenes movie / character trailer!

Super Smash Bros Switch Reveal

Super Smash Bros 5 Playlist:

Super Smash Bros 5 All Characters:

Post a super Smash Bros Switch Tweet:
0:00 Super Smash Bros. is coming to Nintendo Switch!
0:08 Female Inkling Joins Super Smash Bros Switch!
0:14 Male Inkling – Is teaming up with Female Inkling!
0:48 Mario Odyssey & Botw Joins the battle!
0:59 Mega man Joins the battle!
2:17 Sonic Joins the Battle!
2:42 Pac-Man – Red, Blue, Yellow
3:49 Mr. Game & Watch walks in
4:03 Bowser Jr. – The Future King
5:20 New Super Mario Bros Koopalings are back
5:54 Charizard – Pokemon
6:26 Greninja – Challenger From the Shadows
8:01 Mewtwo – Strikes Back!
8:55 Palutena – Goddess of Light (animation)
9:08 Pit Kid Icarus
11:18 Dark Pit Crashes in
11:13 Bayonetta – Gets Wicked!
13:53 Lucina – Book, Blade, and Crest of Flame
14:07 Captain Falcon – Falcon PUNCHing his way to smash
14:28 Robin Let’s bring the whole fire emblem cast to smash
15:45 Marth and Ike has Returned
16:19 Roy – seals the deal! Roy is our boy!
17:14 Corrin – Chooses to Smash!
18:55 Female Corrin – Fire Emblem Heroes / Fates
19:22 Little Mac – Champion of the Ring
21:10 Ness – Is Here to Stay
21:10 Lucas – Comes Out of Nowhere!
22:24 Shulk – Looks like we don’t have a choice! I’m really Feeling it!
24:13 Duck Hunt – One Dog, One Bird, One Zapper
26:18 Cloud – Storms into Battle!
28:34 Ryu – Here comes a new challenger!
29:58 Wii Fit Trainer – Joins the Battle!
30:42 Rosalina & Luma – Comet Observatory
33:03 Mii – Reggie Vs. Iwata
34:51 Amiibo – Iwata Vs. Reggie
35:41 Female Mii – Has joined the Super Smash Bros
35:51 Male Mii – Has joined the Super Smash Bros
35:35 SSB 3DS/Wii U 1st Trailer
37:04 Villager – Comes to Town!
37:26 Female Robin

Dragon Ball Z Goku Might Join Super Smash Bros Switch:

Kirby Star Allies All Boss Characters

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