Super Smash Bros 5 All Character Predictions / Smash Bros 5 Roster Trailer (Nintendo Switch)

Super Smash Bros 5 all characters / predictions

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Super Smash Bros 5 Switch & WII U All Cutscenes Movie 2018 / All Character Trailers

Super Smash Bros 5 Playlist:

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368 thoughts on “Super Smash Bros 5 All Character Predictions / Smash Bros 5 Roster Trailer (Nintendo Switch)”

  1. Villager gets a friendly letter to join Super Smash Bros but the Inklings have to face the actual smash fire logo staring down into their soul

    • YourFurryM8Jony it only showed the main cast for brawl that doesn't mean that Ike and Lucas Won't Be In It

    • The Assassin Remember the rule that for any character to be in Smash it needs to be born in a Videogame, not an anime, movie, series, etc

    • Isaac from Golden Sun, Chrono Trigger guy (forgot his name), are some examples of video game characters that are good inclusions for smash

  2. left to right: yoshi, pit, DK, peach, kirby, marth, mario, link(maybe luigi directly to his right), sheik, pikachu, samus, jigglypuff, ike, bowser, fox, either ganondorf or captain falcon, and warrio

    • avi You got everything except two right, because that silhouette between Samus and Bowser is clearly Zelda, you can tell by her dress, her hair, and her pointy ears. As for a silhouette next to Pikachu? That’s Kirby, and it doesn’t show ears, because Kirby doesn’t have ears. Oh, by the way, that last silhouette between Fox and Wario is definitely Captain Falcon.

    • O.H. X-90
      But it doesn't make sense for Sheik and Zelda to be standing literally right next to each other. Try and look at the original image in the trailer. It looks more like Skulk.

  3. My Predictions
    (Mario Series) Mario, Luigi, Peach, Bowser, Bowser Jr., HammerBrother, Dr.Mario, Rosalina and Luma,

    (StarFox Series) Fox, Falco, Leon, Wolf, Krystal,

    (Zelda Series) Link, Zelda, Gannondorf, Toon/Young Link, Impa, Twili Midna, Tetra, Ravio, Yuga

    (Donkey Kong Series) Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, Cranky Kong, King K Rool

    (Yoshi Series) Yoshi, Kamek

    (Kid Icarus Series) Pit, Palutena

    (Metroid Series) Samus, Zero Suit Samus, Weavel, Sylux

    (Retro) Ice Climbers, Mr. Game & Watch, R.O.B, Duck Hunt Dog

    (Splatoon) Inklings

    (Other Games) Isaac, Chorus Kids, Saki Amamiya, Wonder Red, Travis Touchdown, Geno, Bomberman, Neku, Crash Bandicoot

    (Arms Series) MinMin, Ninjara, Springman // Ribbon Girl

    (3.Party Games) Snake, Sonic, Mega Man, Pac-Man, Ryu, Cloud Strife, Bayonetta, Rayman, Shantae, Shovel knight, Yooka laylee // Banjo Kazooie, DarkSouls?

    (Fire Emblem Series) Marth, Ike, Roy, Lyn, Lucina, new main char from switch fe

    (Animal Crossing Series) Villager

    (Xenoblade series) Shulk, Reyn, Mumkhar

    (Pokemon Series) Pikachu, Jigglypuff, Mewtwo, Lucario, Greninja, Charizard, Squirtle, Ivysaur, Alolan Marowak?, Maybe Gen8 Stuff?

    (Punch-Out Series) Little Mac

    (Kirby Series) Kirby, King Dedede, Meta Knight, Bandana Dee

    (Pikmin Series) Olimar

    (Earthbound Series) Ness, Lucas

    (F-Zero Series) Captain Falcon, Samurai Goroh

    (Wario Series) Wario, Waluigi

    Maybe Undertale? Maybe Octopath Heroes?

    Well…98 Chars. Some Big Predictions or? Kappa.

  4. If it pleases the court, all those who think Daisy, Waluigi, Wolf, Tails, Amy, Shadow, Knuckles and Dr. Eggman should come as newcomers, reply yes.

  5. ugh idiots, zelda is shulk SEE THE GLASS EYE seriously what do you think that circle is? zelda’s hand? that makes no sense whatsoever

  6. Anyone else question why Zelda, or who we think is Zelda stands taller than Link and Samus? She never has before.

    • All three are stupid proposals.
      Goku and Naruto are manga characters, hence not eligible
      And Noctis is in a game that hasn't appeared on a Nintendo consoles, hence not eligible either.

      And no, Cloud has appeared in other games besides FFVII, some of which ARE on Nintendo consoles.

    • Scissorman wow chill you took that way too seriously that’s just characters that I think it would be cool to have it wasn’t meant to be taken seriously like you did lol

  7. Link's "shield" is definitely the head of Luigi. Look closely before the background is cut. There's more below the supposed "shield"

  8. I was daydreaming of the dinosaurs from Dinosaur King should be in it, so that Yoshi wouldn’t be the only dinosaur.

  9. Yeah but these characters are all the characters (give or take some that where not in the other games) that have always been the face of smash, i don't think they included any "new" ones to keep the speculation up.

  10. That's cool and all, but what's DK holding? Is it a microphone? Is he about to unleash the DK Rap? Also where can I find the music?

    EDIT: never mind it's a banana

    • Nah man, we need Mr. Popo, Dr. Phil, Kermit, the guy who pops up when you type "Masahiro Sakurai" and Patrick from spongebob, who will play mayonaise as his side taunt.

  11. Just because your favorite characters silhouette isn’t shown, doesn’t mean they didn’t make it

  12. Hey, wait a minute, Cappy isn’t in this new Smash trailer, because Mario’s hat doesn’t have Cappy’s googly eyes. And why does Samus have Zero Suit Samus’ voice if her suit doesn’t break anymore? Also, you should’ve added the “Show me your moves!” line for Captain Falcon.

    • Just because it doesn't show the eyes for Cappy on Mario's cap doesn't exactly mean Cappy won't be in this. Remeber when we play Super Mario Odyssey, Cappy doesn't always show his eyes.

    • Majick Actually, yes, it really does mean that Cappy won’t be added as Mario’s Special Move, Hell, it wouldn’t even replace FLUDD. Besides, controlling the other fighters with Cappy? Cappy would copy Kirby’s Copy Ability, and that would be stupid on so many levels, pretty good reason why Cappy won’t be in this new Smash game.

    • I doubt Snake would return, Konami is no more, the deal between Kojima and Sakurai is off. Snake is just a one-time fighter, he won't be in Smash ever again.

  13. It won’t make any sense if Zelda is still twilight Zelda and link is breath of the wild link. We need Zelda to be breath of the wild

  14. I think this is far from correct 😂. Fancy editing though.. But you can't just cut out parts of the silhouettes so they fit certain characters

    • That clone of Peach will never be playable, Daisy is just fine as Peach's skin. As for Waluigi? He won't be playable either, he's better off as an assist trophy once again.

    • DONUT ARE GREAT Oh, it’s likely that Daisy and Waluigi will be in Smash, they just won’t be playable themselves, that’s all. So you shut your trap, kiddo, you know I’m right.

  15. Paula(Earthbound/Mother 2)
    Kevin Keene(Captain N-TV series)
    Dixie Kong( Donkey Kong Country series)
    Stanley The Bugman(Donkey Kong 3)
    Isabelle(Animal Crossing:New leaf)
    Simon Belmont(Castlevania)
    Marina Liteyears(Mischief Makers)

  16. New charcters hat kid waddle dee drifter captain toad geno vaati ridley kumatora masked man crash bandicoot Sceptile lilac
    Krystal dixie kong isaac bomberman shantae travis king k rool shovel knight banjo & kazooie rayman klonoa i did see the trailer of the inklings and the rest of the nintendo characters

  17. The whole time the flames were just getting hotter and burning my eyes. I dont see who's in the roster.

  18. Just put Hector… Or better the hole fire emblem caracters yea more variety thats more like it. Hahahahahahahahaha Sora(kingdom hearts)

  19. Why are people treating this as if these are the ONLY characters lined up for the roster? They're not going to reveal everyone on the first teaser. It's just a basic lineup of the smash veterans, the characters we know for sure will be in the game b/c they have been since the beginning.

  20. Finally Ik the characters, I've been ripping out my hair just trying to think what characters they are

  21. I think Lucina should be changed to a skin of Marth, which makes room for a new Fire Emblem character. As for Dr. Mario and Dark Pit, Dark Pit is debatable but Dr. Mario should stay if you ask me.

  22. Mario could have cappy, remember cappy can make his eyes disappear and maybe be revealed in another trailer

  23. I think cappy could be an assist trophy more than a complement for mario because he's supouse to be "the good all rounder" and a basic character so a change like that would make mario more complicated.Thank god that we still have Peach and Sheik they're my mains since melee

  24. I see palutena Rosalina jigllypuff Mewtwo king Deedee inkling villager Kirby news inkling boy duck hunt Samus Samsung Aran captain falcon

    CLOUD VRS SEPHIROTH Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Amy Rose / Tails / Knuckles the Echidna
    Shovel Knight
    Son-Goku / Vegeta / Son-Gohan

    Lara Croft
    Cell / Boo / Freezer
    Taki / Ivy / Sophitia

    Daisy / (Peach)
    Waluigi / (Wario)
    Dixi Kong / (Diddy Kong)
    Shadow the Hedgehog / (Sonic the Hedgehog )

    Mickey Mous / Minnie Mous

  27. where is sonic mega man mewtwo pac man ike ganon jigglypuff charizard and the rest of the wii u characters with crash bandicoot and sans without bayonetta and cloud?

    • chaotic gaming Heroes first, Villains later. Also, only one third party character from a third party series will be playable, Sonic will be playable in Super Smash Bros. Switch (if they add him again), Infinite won’t.

  28. Dear sakurai thank you for bringing ness back. If you would kindly bring back Lucas, add ninten and the masked man then I will forever buy your games I will even go back And buy smash 1 and 2 and everything Kirby since you made him. In Reggie's name amen.

  29. Is it possible that these are the only returning characters and every other is new or completely different version ? Thoughts

  30. Who is gonna be in the game. Let's look at the shadows, there's quite a lot huh? Wait a second… EVERYONE IS HERE!


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