Sega Announces Another Brand New Sonic Game for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo NX and PC

The game will be a brand new experience by Sonic Team coming Holiday 2017 for PS4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo NX. It’s pretty much sonic generations 2.

E3 2016 Trailers:

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  1. Fuck yes Sonic Generations 2 let's see maybe dreamcast sonic & Boom sonic will appear in this one???

  2. Sega, when we said we wanted to play as multiple characters we didn't mean play as the same character but with a different control set

    • Exactly what the First game should've been But i'm glad they're taking advantage of it now

  3. Glad that they went back to the Generations formula. I wonder what this new game is going to be called… hmm… it needs to be a good title and not something like 'sonic color'. Blah! Why not just call it sonic generations 2 -.-

    • +KingzGamerz Bringing back the classic games does not always require a physical appearance from classic Sonic. I like classic Sonic, but in another modern Sonic game? Eh.

    • But if they don't have the Classic Sonic image and MODEL, then Classic Sonic GAMES won't have the same vibes.

    • +Eddie Jones What? I'm not saying to permanently remove him from the classic series. He makes those series what they are today. I'm just saying to remove him from this new modern Sonic game. He already had his special appearance in Sonic Generations back in '11.

  4. Lol that's so blatant at the beginning

    "Yeah we know that we only managed to make 2 decent aonic games in the lat decade. This game is going to be like that we promise!"

    And then they basically advertise a second sonic generations

    Very desperate,

    Also I think lost world was decent game aside from the story

    Unleashed was also decent aside from the werehog and the story

  5. its the Animatet Trailer for sonic the hedgehog mania at sonic the hedgehog mania You Can Play sonic-tails and knuckles and then comes antoer Game to and in the anoter Game You must Play the modern sonic in a modern sonic World……!

  6. at first I was like "sonic chronicles 2?!?!" still cool. hope they give classic a voice this time

  7. In the darkest of times, you're there for me.
    In the darkest of times, these anal beads take care of me.

  8. From the team that brought you Snoic colors and Sonic Generations

    Oh so the people who know what the hell they're doing? Wow sega you already have my interest.,

  9. I could be wrong about this but I think german and classic egg man working together again and went to the future and destroyed future sonic and demolish the world to build there place called the EGG MAN LAND from sonic unleashed.

  10. when tails is pretty much worth less and you need to bring two sonics to the scene.

  11. hope we see shadow and his gang hope we get to pick which gang we can be but some missions u have to be sonic

  12. nigga this some freedom fighters shit are they gonna bring in some archie characters or somethin?

  13. I love it that they NEED to say: "From the studio that made Sonic Colors and Sonic Gen."
    That's right, Sega: try to push Sonic Lost World, Sonic 06 and Sonic Boom under the carpet. We'll just pretend they never happened, right?


  14. if this didn't have classic sonic in it I wouldn't be interested. I really don't like the design of modern sonic

  15. i dont care about what anybody else says, sonic generations 1 was great. tottaly going to buy this one

  16. Good fan made sad that it is not true if you can create a game 2 of thisI bet it will not

  17. Sonic Generations 2/Sonic pulse "sonic pulse was the name game name idea do you like it?"

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