Injustice 2 Blue Beetle & Wonder Woman Reveal – Comic-Con 2016 Gameplay

NetherRealm Studios has recently unveiled 2 new characters for Injustice 2 at their San Diego Comic-Con panel. Blue Beetle and Wonder Woman are entering the fight against the likes of Superman, Batman, and much more.

-Blue Beetle

Making his debut in the Injustice universe, Blue Beetle uses alien technology to create weapons for his power suit. Utilizing these gadgets makes him well-rounded, and he is described as a “Jack of All Trades type character that can be effective up close and from afar.”

With the ability to morph his hands into blades, shields, and clubs, Blue Beetle can pull off a number of close-range punish combos. He is able to fight from further away by equipping an energy cannon that fires quickly from the ground or in the air.

His wings provide him great air mobility that can be used for advancing on the opponent or escaping a rough situation.

Blue Beetle’s character power allows him to transform his hands into long blades that give him better range and effectiveness up close. While this is active, though, he loses the ability to fire projectiles.

Many, if not all of these weapons can be seen during Blue Beetle’s super move, as he cycles through several different gadgets to put a hurting on his opponent.

-Wonder Woman

Back in Injustice Gods Among Us, Wonder Woman was able to use her character power to switch between her different weapons in order to vary her play-style. Now that she’s back in Injustice 2, Wonder Woman doesn’t have to pick and choose; she can utilize all of her weapons anytime.

Using a mixture of her Lasso of Truth and sword / shield, Wonder Woman can fight the ranged battle or get up close and personal with quick blade combos. She can also throw her shield and reflect projectiles with her Bracelets of Submission, making her a threat from anywhere on the screen.

Her new character power sees her receiving a blessing from the Greek Gods, which enhance her various abilities. With a blessing from Hermes, Wonder Woman’s mobility sees an improvement and she gains the ability to air dash.

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