New Updated Easter Egg in Kirby Star Allies 3.0 (Secret Level) Adeleine Dark Meta Knight + Daroach

The easter egg in the final secret level in Kirby Star Allies has been updated to show all of Kirby’s dream friends including the newest DLC characters; Adeleine, Ribbon, Dark Meta Knight & Daroach

Kirby Star Allies Walkthrough Playlist:

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52 thoughts on “New Updated Easter Egg in Kirby Star Allies 3.0 (Secret Level) Adeleine Dark Meta Knight + Daroach”

    • The real Meta Knight is on the statue with Waddle Dee and King Dedede. You can tell because it’s the Return to Dreamland reference and also Dark Meta Knight’s wings are jagged along the bottom edge.

    • Pooltastic

      She doesn’t have enough moves

      Adeleine uses living art to attack. All Ribbon could attack with was her Crystal Shard Gun

    • No she shouldn't have. Everything with her supports playing as support. All she could do is fly, help people fly and have a Crystal Gun. She'd be a shitty wing clone and it'd be underwhelming compared to every other DF

  1. Curious on what they will do for the last dlc 'Guys we are done! no more characters! go play some smash ultimate instead!'

    • Ryan Akechi maybe a new boss, wave 1 and 2 gave us hint of zero with back ground of hyper zone of zero and zero 2, along with having one character from the game with the theme included

    • There was a data mine saying what wave 2 and 3 have. Wave 3 has Magalor, Taranza, Susie, and the Jambastion Mages.

  2. Okay so we’re gonna put Taranza and Magolor right there below Gooey, and Susie somewhere behind Meta Knight


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