All New Kirby Dream Friends Idle Animations – Kirby Star Allies (Adeleine Daroach Dark Meta Knight)

Kirby Star Allies – All Kirby Dream Friends Idle Animations w/ Adeleine Ribbon Daroach & Dark Meta Knight

All Kirby and Dream Friends:
0:00 Adeleine & Ribbon
0:59 Dark Meta Knight
1:35 Daroach
1:51 Rick & Kine & Coo
3:40 Marx
4:02 Gooey
4:52 King Dedede
5:09 Meta Knight
5:21 Bandana Waddle Dee
5:30 Kirby

Kirby Star Allies Walkthrough Playlist:

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Video suitable for all ages, kids & families
Kirby Gameplay by CommunityGame (2018)

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