Kirby Star Allies – Origin of Magolor Taranza Susie Moveset (NEW DLC Characters)

Kirby: Star Allies third major update launches November 30, adds new Dream Friends Magolor, Taranza, and Secretary Susie. In this video, we’re going to explore the beginnings of each of these dlc characters.

Let’s see how did every character look and behave in their first appearance.

Kirby Star Allies will features
Kirby’s Return to Dream Land Magolor
Kirby: Triple Deluxe Taranza
Kirby: Planet Robobot Susie.

Kirby Star Allies Walkthrough Playlist:

Kirby Star Allies Wave 2 DLC Adeleine, Dark Meta Knight & Daroach:

Unlocking New Friends In Kirby Star Allies + Final Boss Battle Rick, Kine, Coo, Marx, Gooey Wave 1 DLC

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253 thoughts on “Kirby Star Allies – Origin of Magolor Taranza Susie Moveset (NEW DLC Characters)”

    • We’ll probably get that and a remix of Haltman Works Elite and a medley of Dirty & Beauty and Moonstruck Blossom

  1. You can stay in a corner to dodge the fire attack. Also, Taranza also summon the energy ball during masked Dedede revenge boss fight

  2. Some of susies moves were off
    Her gun is based off the gunner enemys
    Her propeller attack is just her flying thing behind her back

  3. Magalor brings back so many memories from when I played with a Wii. I used to play Kirby's Return to Dreamland with my siblings.

    • It's a reference to the enemies in planet robobot that has laser guns the ones that give you spark

  4. Let's count the villains who are friends now 😀
    King dedede:Kirby adventure
    Meta knight:Kirby adventure
    Marx:Super star
    Dark meta knight:squeak squad (Meta knight)
    Doroach:Squeak squad
    Taranza:can't remember
    The three mage sisters:star allies
    Man that was a lot

  5. If you think about it, all 3 of these characters were bad, turned good, Taranza tried to control king dedede, but was shot, and saved humanity from eternal plantation. Susie attempted to literally make pop star a mechanical nightmare, but helped kirby destroy the core of the problem, and Magolor attempted total ruling of Pop star, was defeated, and in Team Kirby Clash Deluxe he runs a shop there…unless you do not count that as canon, then he has no redeeming qualities.

    • Actually,in the 20th Anniversary game for the Wii,Magolor reappears and says he is sorry for what happened in the previous game (Return to Dreamland) and tried to make up for it by building Kirby a huge amusement park

    • Taranza redeemed himself at the end of Triple Deluxe. You would know if you played it. He threw the Miracle Fruit to Kirby to defeat Sectonia and hoisted Dedede back to Popstar.

    • Marx Superstar I actually did say taranza made up for it. That moment you mentioned? That was him saving the world from eternal plantation.

  6. Idea, how about letting Taranza posses enemies you normally can't have as a friend, like the shield guys. It makes sense since he's been shown to have some form of puppetry when he first possessed Dedede

    • Zan Partizanne maybe he’s doing just that by controlling that shadow clone of Sectonia, otherwise it would be basically Ghost Kirby from Squeak Squad with a much more usable moveset.

    • It’s Magolor, I don’t think Gooey is OP, and personally I think Susie is better than Gooey

      This is my list
      1 – Magolor
      2 – Daroach
      3 – Marx
      4 – Susie
      5 – Dark Meta Knight

      We are cool right? No hard feelings I hope

  7. So kirby triple deluxe make Kirby right back at ya and the main Kirby games officially in the same universe

  8. hey kirby remember when i tried to murder you in space? Well forget about that cause we are friends now 😀

  9. Meta knight (boss fight)
    Basicly dark meta+meta

    Morpho knight
    Basicly megalor + dark meta +meta

  10. Meta knight (player)
    Smart has less health than the boss and don't have tanky abilities :/ and most of the ability are from the boss but many ability that a boss can do qe can't 🙁

    Soooooo tanky has more ability and health than others stupidly stupid :/ thats it :/

    Basicly a player that is more dumber

  11. Also, magolor’s gem apple attack references the fact that he sells gem apples in his shop in team Kirby clash deluxe.

  12. What next, Kirby Amazing Mirror's Dark Mind on Meta Knight's form, Disguised form and Sun thing as true form? :u

  13. I swear, the themes for these guy's fight against Morpho Knight just have to be these!

    Magalor – C-R-O-W-N-E-D
    Taranza – Moonstruck Blossom (F-L-O-W-E-R-E-D)
    Susie – Mind in a Program (P-R-O-G-R-A-M)

  14. If their wasn't any sort of president for Nintendo, I think masihiro sakarai would be the most powerful Nintendo creator, you know, because like smash ultimate and kirby

  15. Very cool. They are ALL awesome, especially Magolor!! Very nice to show the origins of their moves too! It's attention to detail like that that helps make this a great video. Thanks <3Cannot wait for Christmas (when I'm getting a Switch and Star Allies finally^^)

  16. Now it's been a while since I've replayed Return to Dreamland, but I'm pretty sure I remember the Sphere Doomers using Magolor's dash attack or some other mini-boss? It even has this effect like the dash attack.

  17. Heh also Kirby if your reading this sorry for attacking you when I had the master crown I hope you can forgive me

  18. Despite the size of the ultra sword that Magolor summons ironically it doesn’t do much damage to bosses

  19. Taranzas move set is like you hear Greg from actually happen comes inside and the car isn't clean Susie's moveset is like making the car worse and magalor is he see his car and grabs the stick


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