Kirby Star Allies – Magolor Taranza Susie & Jambastion Mages Trailer – NEW DLC Characters Revealed

Kirby: Star Allies third major update launches November 30, adds new Dream Friends and challenge mode

New Dream Heroes: Magolor, Taranza, and Secretary Susie

New Mode: Another Dimension Heroes – A new mode that unlocks after clearing Story Mode, “Another Dimension Heroes” is a challenge mode in which Kirby and his Dream Friends pass the baton while solving various puzzles in another dimension with the goal of collecting “Friend’s Hearts.” Boss monsters known as “Another Bosses” will appear, which are not more brutal in appearance, but also in strength. The Jambastion mages await at the end of the dimension.

The 3rd DLC Characters batch for Kirby Star Allies will feature Kirby’s Return to Dream Land Magolor, Kirby: Triple Deluxe Taranza, Kirby: Planet Robobot Susie.

Francisca, Flamberge and Zan Partizanne might also be unlockable in Another Dimension Heroes, but only time will tell.

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