Kirby Star Allies Dedede Tour – All Bosses in True Arena + Secret Morpho Knight Boss

Kirby Star Allies – Dedede Tour The True Arena – All Boss Battles in True Arena Infernal Crisis (including Morpho Knight) played on the Nintendo Switch.

Kirby Star Allies Walkthrough Playlist:

Below are the times for all boss fights + mini bosses:
0:13 Yggy Woods
1:05 Mini Bosses
2:06 King Dedede Clone battle
3:33 Mini Boss #2
4:50 Meta Knight
6:00 Golden & Silvox
6:55 Kracko + Twin Kracko
7:53 Francisca
8:47 Flamberge
9:38 Zan Partizanne
10:37 Hyness Final Boss
12:12 Galacta Knight + Morpho Knight Alternative Ending Boss Battle
14:41 Void Termina True Final Boss

Kirby Star Allies – All Bosses in Infernal Crisis.

Note that this is not a no damage run.

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21 thoughts on “Kirby Star Allies Dedede Tour – All Bosses in True Arena + Secret Morpho Knight Boss”

  1. (I hope you folks don't mind me doing an RP for this video……)Gim: Dude, you're gonna face EVERY SINGLE BOSS?King Dedede: Uh-huhBurning Leo: On Infernal Crisis Difficulty!?King Dedede: Sure am!Driblee: ALL by yourself!?!King Dedede: YupMe: Not even a one Ally to back you up?!?King Dedede: Nope. I'm goin' it alone from here on out <heads for the True Arena>Bandana: <calling out to King Dedede> Your Highness, be careful!!Vividria: He's so brave~Knuckle Joe: Or dumb……Vividria: >_>(Btw, I'll share a virtual cake with anyone who gets the reference I just made with that last bit about the big guy "being careful")Also, King Dedede VS Buff Dedede: O_o Did I really get ripped while I was possessed(again)?


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