This Is What Happens When You Play as Kirby in Guest Star Mode – Kirby Star Allies Ultimate Glitch

Kirby is not available to play as in guest star mode unless you use a glitch in Kirby star allies. This glitch is similar to the Master Hand glitch in Super smash bros melee so this sometimes makes me think it’s an easter egg, but it’s probably not.

If you tap between the “New Game” and “Best Time buttons” on your Nintendo switch controller, you’ll reach a new screen and get Kirby as a playable character.

It seems to work best if you touch the outline directly below the “new game” button. You’ll know it works when it says “Guest Star Kirby”.

List of Kirby Star Allies Glitches in Guest star mode as Kirby:
When you pause the game as Kirby you will get a few Japanese texts that say Not Set.

Kirby gets to appear in Galacta Knight’s cutscene.

Kirby does jump into the audience section when you complete guest star mode.

The game assigns a random title to Kirby (with no ability) each time you view his ending credit via the movie scene selection.

He has his own hidden leaderboard.

I’m not sure if Kirby is overwriting the helper’s place in the crowd… the only way to find out is if I beat the game with every helper and who knows what might happen after that. Be careful if you attempt this glitch.

I will post a full walkthrough as Kirby in guest star mode later on today.

Full Walkthrough of Guest Star Kirby:

Update: I beat guest star mode again using meta knight and kirby wasn’t saved in the audience section, proof:

The glitch was found by reserved_kirby

There are more glitches if you visit the source below.

Glitch Source:

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