PQube have released the official English trailer for their upcoming release of ecchi shooter Gal Gun: Double Piece.

Gal Gun Double Piece is due to release next month for PS4 and PS Vita in both North America and Europe on July 19th and July 15th
Standard and limited editions will also be available for the video game, with preorder bonuses.

Game Features:
-Gorgeous rail-shooter action with a super kawaii anime style. Fend off the advancing girls with your ‘Pheromone Shot’! The higher the difficulty, the faster and more intense the experience will be.

-Story Mode: Play through the story and see if you can successfully confess your feelings to the girl of your dreams. Choose between different girls, discover branching paths and experience one of several endings depending on your choices.

-Side Quests: Read up on the conversations of students at the academy on social networks and pick up side quests to complete during the levels!

-Level Up: Improve Houdai’s skills with Shop items and Doki-Doki mode results to change his appeal among the academy girls and open up new dialogue choices!

-Doki-Doki Mode: This ultimate screen clearing attack overloads the girls with euphoria until they explode with happiness! Save it for a hairy spot or to blow through rooms in record time!

-Score Attack: Play specific levels to achieve the highest scores. High score is all about speed and precision aim!

-Collection: Collect achievements, images and information on all the lovely ladies at the Academy!

-Closet: Change the outfits the girls are wearing in-game. Choose between different outfits and costumes! New costume DLC can be also be purchased.

E3 2016 Trailers: www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLle__6dXGka7DBUdM0xXZEExTRFexj2wt

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    • +saad mirza I'm sure DOA Xtreme had a lot of requests. I mean, the game was even already localized, but they couldn't release in the west because some pricks were bitching about it.

      You know:

      Hot girls using bikinis and having fun on the beach = wrong.

      Horny school girls going nuts and showing their panties everywhere = okay.

      WTF is going on in this world…

    • Because they're not afraid of feminazi's or people like you. Unlike team ninja, they want to cater to their audience regardless of shit heads who "care" about what others do with their free time

    • +Maishida it's still shooting people. It doesn't matter if it's bullets hearts lasers bombs. It reinforces the idea that shooting people is okay and not only that people enjoy it.

      Considering that at least one school shooting was triggered by someone's sexual frustrations this kind of imagery is poisonous. Also misogynistic as any sadomasochistic violence(because that's what this is) will do.

      It also sexualizes the violence and encourages objectification.

      It's often the socially isolated that carry out school shootings and this game is definitely targeted towards them. It's more likely to have a negative affect due to the target audience

      It's basically an education manual for school shooters. Something like this can't be allowed into a decent society

    • +Slave2thedrago​​​ Upon watching the game trailer again, I've come to the conclusion that you are in fact ignorant. Using big words doesn't change the fact that you are indeed wrong. There is literally no weapon shown in the game at all. Infact, all your doing in game is clicking the female characters. Keep in mind the game is rated M for mature. Meaning 17+. In that case the majority are already going to be out of school by then. Or even more mature where they wouldn't think about such a thing. Your basis is completely moronic its disgusting. The rising of gun violence (In this case in school) has nothing to do with video games. The schools, households and state of mind of the people willing to do such a thing are all to be taken into account when it comes to this. Not a video game which clearly does not show any kind of violence whatsoever. Also another ignorant claim you mentioned was that 'Its basically an education manual for school shooters. Something like this cant be allowed into a decent society" First off, where are the guns? Your claim is based from the biggest contradiction. THERE ARE NO GUNS. How moronic can you be? This society is far from decent so please tell me what society you are talking about. "Its often the socially isolated that carry out school shootings" Um, okay? This game is targeted towards them? No. If this game is targeted at anyone it was targeted at the anime lovers in japan who want a silly but fun game. The game created in japan for japanese gamers has gotten the attention from american gamers who like anime and have requested for it. Your ignorance cannot be ignored. If you do not like this game or the idea simply dont buy it. If you want to be such an activist then go out and riot or something. Particate in real debates about how to prevent shootings rather than trying to create another reason why they are committed. Bottom line there is literally nothing being shot as a matter of fact. Check your sources again and watch the video. When you click the girl hearts come out. Please, your kind are the cancerous ignorance of society. Generating negativity off of something like a game. People should be able to enjoy their game without foolish people like you trying to bring negativity to it. Your opinion yes. Is it fact? Hell no. Please stop while your ahead you look like an angry mother mad at the world and everything in it.

    • +Maishida

      well I've actually seen gameplay of the real game and there are guns. He's shooting a gun. so there goes that whole thing. Lol you're the one who needs to "check your sources"

      This game is clearly targeted towards the same socially inept sexually frustrated virgin who would target a school because girls find him too creepy. Any normal person would be disgusted or embarrassed by this game. Once again it promotes sadomasochistic violence against women as well

      You saying that the society isn't decent just show that you have a lot of anger towards society so it makes sense that a degenerate like you would defend such a deplorable game. You need to reevaluate your life.

      Finally "big words"? If you think any of the words I used are big, clearly you are lacking in cognitive faculties and you are unqualified to engage in intelligent discourse.

  1. So, they can release this in the west, but couldn't release DOA Xtreme 3…

    Hot girls using bikinis and having fun on the beach = wrong.

    Horny school girls going nuts and showing their panties everywhere = okay.

    Okaaay… Whatever you say, humanity… Whatever you say….

  2. I don't know who's more perverted, the main character, those girls or my curious dumb mind for watching this video…

    • I believe the creators of 'No Game No Life' took inspiration from the first Gal Gun game that released, not a bad thing.

    • Yeah it was a pretty blatant reference
      They literally call it Gal Gun, just with a bleep

  3. Good God!! Is that the rail line shooters look like these days?! Pervertedness aside, it actually does look fun! But is there a dating sim portion to this game?

  4. "feel the love"… of virtual non existing girls…. for that in Japan, the dates with real girls are very few

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