It includes all of the important dialogues and Zelda Breath of the Wild story secret ending.

1:39:00 Final Boss
1:47:57 Ending Credits
1:56:00 Regular ending
1:57:00 Secret / True Ending

video is about 2 hours to make it into a nice movie form258


    • I laughed so hard at that when I beat him for my first time.
      But you know, I never realized it but the Cleric Beast would've fit right in with Twilight Princess world and monsters

  1. Is there a possibility if you can get the Japanese audio for the scenes? Would love to see the difference between the voice acting.

  2. So I was curious, towards the end when Zelda said Ganon gave up on reincarnation, does that mean that killing him in BoTW marked the end of Ganon forever in this timeline? I mean, I doubt that's the case since I could've swore I've heard that in a previous Zelda game before and due to the nature of the curse from Vaati, it's not like he can just say "eh no more curse for me" and just off it himself. But that would be an interesting idea if the Triforce of Power and/or curse was handed off to another besides Ganon.

    • Probably meant that he gave up reincarnating as a person (Ganondorf) and now just remains as an evil force (Ganon) that appears again and again.

  3. as much as I find the final boss scene to be rather epic…. I kinda miss Ganondorf more the Ganon himself. I know its the same guy in a sense but the human incarnation of Ganon just seemed more interesting to me like he was in ocarina of time, windwaker and twilight princess. but thats just me.

  4. can anyone here tell me why i cant hear the voices in cut scenes? like the king explaining ganon or memories there is no audio of their voices when i play on my wii u…

    • William Barragan You're audio settings are probably on surround sound. Change them to stereo.

    • thats EXACTLY what it was, i can only imagine what other sounds were omitted in my other games

  5. yeah , something told me the first time i saw that Rito … " Uuuh… Yeah…. he gonna be a douche "

  6. I love Urbosa. XD I wanted sooo much more when it came to story. I wish we can get a dlc that expands upon this.

  7. I prefer the chuckles and giggles then the full voice acting in a Zelda game tbh. Its just bad

    • English voiceacting is not very good that´s why. German voiceacting is way better as far as i know till now.

  8. Zelda sounds like a stereotypical British person. Like, not a British, nor a person who try to sound British. More like a person who try to sound like a British stereotype

  9. Remember what Demise said at the end of Skyward Sword after he was defeated……1:43:41…..

  10. When Zelda said "I Entrust you with the bow of light" I kinda wanted the game to tell me "Sorry your inventory is full, you can't beat Ganon"

  11. Who think they should make a dlc and the dlc is about if they have won the first time and everyone is alive? It could be great!!!

  12. I hope the DLC is about the four champions. I really didn't care for this Zelda at all, so since most of the cutscenes are about her, wasn't much for me story-wise. However, pretty much all of the other characters that showed up in cutscenes were extremely interesting to me, so I'm sad they didn't get lots of screen time.

  13. So when she's like "thanks for your advice about the horses" it's in quotes so like does that mean link actually spoke to her

  14. I can totally see them holding hands and walking to their horses together in the last scene

  15. Spoilers:

    Dammit I thought they would kiss in the true ending it looked like it when the camera zoomed out and link walked toward her I thought they would kiss but nope it didn't happen.

  16. I'd vote for Nintendo to fire the "sound engineer" who messed up the transition starting at 1:55:13 — I once thought this would be some glitch in the "OST" version by someone who did an analog dump. But even after I realized that exactly the same rough cut is present in at least the English and German versions of the game, I still can't believe that it's really meant to be this way… Shame.

  17. I absolutely love Reavali he so cool and filled with attitude it makes him the most unique out of all 4 of them

  18. First calamity ganon is some giant spider peagusus and now he is a boar with tusks and horse legs what type of evil is that, he is just an oversized animal with flames it would hurt if I had flames all around my body I mean think about it the malice he holds is probably painful but how da hell can he resist

  19. Where did that bow come from I mean is zelda some type of goddess because how do you expect a light bow out of the sky

  20. Okay???? But can we just appreciate Yunobo,Teba, and Revali's voices??? They are so well played yet they are barely appreciated??? They're so fricking amazing at voice acting and play their roles so well!

  21. Zelda to Link: DO You remember me? I always as Link want to say: Yes, I want to marry you if they allow us to and our kids have an adventure? LOL!

  22. Wait is the secret ending the very end… The first one or the second one???? I am confused on that part. But I think it's only me that is confused :/

  23. Wouldn't it have made way more sense if Zelda actually aged in those 100 years? It would have made for an incredible ending too. Seeing how these old friends would have been reunited in the end just to realize that Zelda practically gave her entire life away to keep Ganon at bay while Link was being revived. Her dying in the end from exhaustion would also made an incredible ending, but nope gotta keep her around for the DLC.

  24. someone tell me how to unlock the secret ending. does it work like metroid where you have to collect everything?

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