Who Will Battle Steve in Classic Mode? Final Boss & Ending – Super Smash Bros Ultimate Minecraft DLC

Which characters will battle Steve in Classic Mode? Which final boss will Minecraft Steve get? Let’s find out!

This video shows Steve character from minecraft completing Classic Mode in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate for the Nintendo Switch.

Steve Vs. All Bosses in Super Smash Bros Ultimate + Cutscenes | DLC Update (Minecraft Steve)

You can now play as Steve in the Super Smash Bros Ultimate update 9.0 version.

To download minecraft steve head to the Nintendo eShop and search for Fighters Pass or for the keyword “steve”. This should bring up the results that you’re looking for. Minecraft Steve will cost $5.99 as a separate download, but those who purchase the Fighters Pass Volume 2 for $29.99 will get access to Steve and five other fighters.

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Video suitable for all ages, kids & families
1080p 60fps gameplay by CommunityGame (2019)

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113 thoughts on “Who Will Battle Steve in Classic Mode? Final Boss & Ending – Super Smash Bros Ultimate Minecraft DLC”

    • It's not. For one, it last long and can go far. Second, it's the first glide move in the game since Brawl. ( The gliding in brawl was literally OP )

    • @Sage M , A dude with a bucket! Yeah. To me Steve's recovery is just poor but he can regain a second jump with a minecart or TNT. The glide is not OP compared to a normal gilde it doesn't give much height as the normal glide and is limited.

  1. 1. Steve 2. Mac 3. Wii fit trainer have the worst recovery in that order. Steve is the new winner at being the worst!

    • I mean, the final smash version of Steve looks like herobrine since you can barely see the yellow in the eyes

  2. So i was thinking about the wario and rob fight and what they represent
    I realized that the warios where villagers and rob the iron golem
    Then i was thinking about what villager represents
    Then it hit me

  3. so each stageZombie: obviousR.O.B, villager and Warios: ROB represents the Iron golem, Villagers represent… well, villagers, and Warios represent Zombie villagers (Edit: Could also be pillagers and vindicators)3 links: Most likely representing skeletons3 blue pits and Robin: Vexes and Evoker (they even fought in luigi's mansion, to represent the woodland mansions2 small K rools and 2 large kirbys: Kirby represents the ghasts and K rools probably represent zombie piglins2 endermen: obviousRidley, and 2 endermen: Ridley represents the ender dragon

  4. Stage 1: Survive the undead horde.
    Stage 2: Protect the village from griefers.
    Stage 3. Protect the village from illagers.
    Stage 4. Survive the pigman and ghast attack.
    Stage 5. Collecting ender pearls.
    Stage 6. The ender dragon fight.

  5. Well, the "boss" isn't even really an actual boss, it's just a hugely handicapped battle against a giant Ridley with twice the HP assisted by two 20 HP Endermen! (Maybe because it fits better rather than just fighting only Rathalos because it's kinda impossible to code out a battle against an actual boss with other cpu enemies.)

  6. Route Title: The Far Lands, the supposed """""""""""""""""""""""""""""terrain glitch""""""""""""""""""""""""""""" from the early stages of Minecraft
    1. Zombies
    2. Iron Golem, Villager, and Pillagers
    3. Skeletons
    4. Evoker and Vex, Luigi's Mansion representing the Woodland Mansion
    5. Ghasts and Zombie Piglins(Pigmen if you still miss them), Norfair representing the Nether
    6. Endermen, Find Mii representing The End
    7. Ender Dragon

    • Most likely because the reference to the place to battle the Enderdragon, The End looks nothing like the boss stage where you battle Rathalos.

  7. Steve Vs Steve(Zombie)Steve (team) Vs Many wario (Idk)Steve Vs 3 links (player)Steve Vs 3 pit (vex) and robin (evoker)Steve Vs 2 Kirby (magma cube) and king k rool (I think blaze)Steve Vs 2 Steve (Ender man)Steve Vs da circuitSteve Vs 2 Ender man and Ridley(Ender dragon)

  8. Stage 1: Zombie horde (Steve)Stage 2: Protect the Village from Pillagers (Wario). Assisted by a Villager (Villager) and Iron Golem (ROB)Stage 3: Skeleton Clan (Link)Stage 4: Woodland Mansion with an Evoker (Robin) and 3 Vexes (Pit)Stage 5: Fight Piglins (K.Rool) and Ghasts (Kirby) in the NetherStage 6: Fight 2 Endermen (Steve)Final Stage: Fight the Enderdragon (Ridley) and 2 more Endermen (Steve)


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