Which Pokemon Can Knock Down Giga Bowser in Super Smash Bros Ultimate? All Characters Who Can Smash Challenge

Who can knock down or launch Giga Bowser into the air? Will these pokemon characters able to lay a finger on a Boss Character like Giga Bowser? Let’s see who can take on this new challenge!

Time Stamps:
0:00 Giga Bowser X Pokemon Skit
2:22 Which Pokemon Can Knock Down Giga Bowser?

Game: Super Smash Bros Ultimate on the Nintendo Switch.

Giga Bowser is only playable through a Mod made by Tomo_ and continued maintenance by ThatNintendoNerd.

Giga Bowser mod:
Tomo_: gamebanana.com/members/1686222
ThatNintendoNerd: gamebanana.com/members/1493162
Giga Bowser Download: gamebanana.com/gamefiles/8839

Voice Actor: mncdover
Channel link: www.youtube.com/channel/UCwDYBQIwbfQW1jAHZS5ZOGw
Twitter: twitter.com/mncdover

188 thoughts on “Which Pokemon Can Knock Down Giga Bowser in Super Smash Bros Ultimate? All Characters Who Can Smash Challenge”

  1. 0:04 'why you aren't wearing shorts' is references to Pokémon FireRed in route 3, there are many bug catchers that are obsessed with shorts.

  2. So… raichu is one of the strongest and most legendary scant even knock Him down… 🤔 anime logics

  3. How come Suicune doesn't count as a success?! It froze Giga Bowser instantly with Aurora Beam! Makes no sense.

  4. I love the way how Palkia is just standing there flipping the screen and do nothing but damaging Giga Bowser and knocked him out

  5. I love the oshawatt part 0/ Zoroark broke the title and Hawaii Tapu CoCo and Richu were the only ones who defeated giga koopa 😀

  6. Just realized Terry’s colour should be blue but he has his normal alt! Also 11:49 look how Giga Bowser looks at Swirlix (I think), so menacing 😂

  7. Most pokemon:*can't take him down*Zoroark: beats the crap out of him and also keeps him in the airKeldeo:*almost kill giga bowser*

  8. Can we just take a second to talk about Palkia there? Palkia just stood there and knocked over giga bowser

  9. All Pokemon Vs. Giga Bowser Time Stamps:
    0:00 Giga Bowser X Pokemon Skit
    2:16 Who Can Knock Down Giga Bowser?
    02:22 Alolan Raichu
    02:32 Vulpix
    02:47 Alolan Vulpix
    03:01 Meowth
    03:12 Abra
    03:23 Electrode
    03:34 Alolan Exeggutor
    03:40 Staryu
    03:50 Ditto
    04:15 Eevee
    04:30 Snorlax
    04:43 Moltres
    04:52 Mew
    04:58 Togepi
    05:16 Bellossom
    05:28 Goldeen
    05:35 Scizor
    05:51 Entei
    06:02 Suicune
    06:10 Lugia
    06:23 Gardevoir
    06:33 Metagross
    06:47 Latias & Latios
    06:58 Kyogre
    07:14 Deoxys
    07:26 Abomasnow
    07:46 Palkia
    08:01 Giratina
    08:14 Darkrai
    08:22 Arceus
    08:35 Victini
    08:42 Snivy
    08:50 Oshawott
    08:59 Kyurem
    09:11 Keldeo
    09:33 Meloetta
    09:47 Genesect
    10:01 Chespin
    10:11 Fennekin
    10:26 Fletchling
    10:48 Zoroark
    11:07 Spewpa
    11:27 Gogoat
    11:44 Swirlix
    11:52 Inkay
    12:10 Dedenne
    12:20 Xerneas
    12:27 Bewear
    12:47 Pyukumuku
    13:11 Togedemaru
    13:28 Mimikyu
    13:43 Tapu Koko
    13:55 Solgaleo
    14:10 Lunala
    14:29 Marshadow
    14:49 Ending

    • すみませんお言葉ですが ゼルネアスのところ納得がいきませんゼルネアスは近くの敵には攻撃できませんので出来れば改めて離れてゼルネアスを出して攻撃させてみてください!お願いします

  10. Magikarp should replace goldeene, so that way if metapod ever becomes a pokeball then both of the worthless Pokémon would be in Super Smash Bros

  11. Doesn't It only know harden tho? Didn't seem like learning new moves when evolving so It shouldn't even be able to recover.

  12. The Victini section should've had the character use their final smash, because final smashes are op, should've been SUCCESS!

  13. Ah, yes, the mythical .1% chance of getting a giga bowser after a defeat with metapod, quite nostalgic to see it today

  14. What about pichu mewtwo pikachu greninja jigglypuff squirrel charizard and venasuar, their Pokemon too

  15. Some Pokemon tend to search for the hitbox of Giga Bowser, because he's Too big and some like, Marshadow send their Oppenent to sleep or like Mimikyu, do nothing because Giga Bowsers Hitbox isn't fully around his body, Mimikyu would've flinched him if the hitbox wasn't so small

  16. Who would win: Some of the most powerful pokemon ever, including legendaries and mythicals such as Entei, Suicune, Kyogre, Giratina, and even the god of pokemon, Arceus! Or some random Eevee?

  17. Eevee is the strongest pokemon in the world. Because it can knock down the heaviest fighter with one of the weakest moves known to man.

  18. How can a Metapod evolve into Giga Bowser, which actually evolves to Butterfree?
    P.S. 4:14 Sans doing the spooky month dance XD


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