What Happens When Mario Goes Up Against All Enemies in The Final Boss of NSMBW?

NSMBW Final Boss, but there are enemies everywhere!
This New Super Mario Bros Wii video was requested by LMGamer 36: www.youtube.com/channel/UCS5m6EFx9MD9VSn0I7bBeEQ

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824 thoughts on “What Happens When Mario Goes Up Against All Enemies in The Final Boss of NSMBW?”

  1. Bowser: New plan! Let's have my minions protect the button at all cost!
    Minions: Yeah! We will protect it!
    Bowser Jr: Papa, shouldn't we just get rid of the button before Mario gets here?
    Bowser: …
    Bowser: That's a stupid idea, GET OUT!

  2. Mario vs all the enemies in one
    video. What a crazy and interesting
    idea. From the music to the skills.
    This video has a lot going for it. Wow !

  3. 7:44
    Cheep cheep with wings:I CAN FLY 😀
    giga bowser:HELPPPPPP
    Cheep cheep with wings:fuck you bowser im out here
    Giga bowser:death not a big surprise :V

  4. We need a romhack of the game being a lot harder, similar to what we just saw, if you already finished watching the video.

  5. Wow dude, that was insane, thanks for making this, it was a really entertaining video and the music at the end made me enjoy it even more

  6. Phase 1 was neat, and a cool idea, but it wasn't very practical.Phase 2 was freaking amazing. The mix of "The Grand Finale" as the music, and the gauntlet MIXED with the epic escape scene was amazing. It was like all of Bowser's Army was fighting as a last resort to finish you off.

  7. 2:28 Wait, Fire Bros. can ignite bob-ombs? The developers had a LOT of foresight… or maybe just programmed fireballs by copying them from Mario and making them hurt him

  8. Show me all the secret things (enemies, items, power-ups, building things that aren't used in the game) that are in NSMBW please.

  9. WHAT!? Not even THAT worked!?
    Face it, Bows: you lose. Also random cheep-cheep not giving a crap gets the MVP XD

  10. Super Mario Maker in a nutshell 👆 I can see Dashie playing this level from SMBW with that many enemies in his way.

  11. Was this TAS? A lot of it seemed unrealistically, intentionally close. Either that or you spent hours on many, many tries

  12. "Oh, Mario! Tell me all about your big adventure again!"

    Well, Bowser decided to use all of his minons against me this time.

  13. In my opinion the New Super Mario Bros games are repetitive and forgettable. But this is pretty cool.

  14. It only goes dangerous when sledge bro stomps, or when the boo gets too close to you. Maybe the fire, boomerang and hammer bro deal some damage, too.

  15. Amazing video! I loved the chaos at the Final battle against Bowser at the end!
    Can you tell me what music you used for the last fight?

  16. I noticed right as Bowser was defeated in his second phase a random cheep cheep was seen floating just below the platform for some reason

  17. This thing is epic,and could be more epic in the phase two thinking that Bowser as a giant chases down Mario in the enemies storage center,where Bowser gets all of his Minions for his army,taking them one by one with the only wish to get rid of that pesky plumber sending it out of bussines of his plans to dominate the Mushroom Kingdom once and for all

  18. This is the battle of where bowser gets his revenge in new super Mario bros Wii, and the rating of this will be… 🌌🌌🌌🌌🌌🌌🌌🌌🌌🌌 10/10 STARS :DD

  19. the first part was funny, but the second part looked like it could have been in the actual game
    in fact, this would have been a way better idea

  20. Super Mario Maker but with good stage platform design, 9999 more new types of enemies and a seemingly invincible Cheep Cheep

  21. We all know who the real team players were:
    The Boos
    The Hammer/Sledge/Fire/Boomerang bros.
    That one thwomp at the start
    Whoever was shooting those magic projectiles
    Bowser himself
    King Bill (or whatever that giant bullet’s name is)
    The giant urchin
    The giant buzzy beetle
    The fire chomps

  22. I get chills every time I hear the castle music. Aahhh, good times throwing my brother and friends into the lava.

  23. Man, that was… AMAZING! Especially phase 2. The music from the finale of bowser's inside story (dark bowser battle) was the perfect track for that phase, combined with bowser's army, dedicated to kill you once and for all!Great idea, great work. Congratulations!

  24. Th crazy stuff that happend: 6:47 lakitu betrayed bowser and a random cheep cheep is float on air 7:46 bowser is defeated and a cheep cheep still floats on air the next boss is Cheep cheep Edit: did I miss anything

  25. Does anyone else believe that this is how the original game should have ended? If only the Wii could have loaded so many characters on one level, we would have one of the most epic Nintendo videogame endings :')

  26. Just make them giant and give the player 50 seconds and then you got super Mario maker seriously what’s with all these crazy levels

  27. How about the medium bullet bill and the purple fish and the big fish that jumps out from the water and the one that swallows you

  28. The battle before bowser grows giant is the definition of super Mario maker 100 mario super expert levels.

  29. What if all of the NSMBW enemies were combined into one boss and one attack from each enemy came from that boss!

  30. I know witch music u used for the big bowserThe final boss from the game Mario e luigi bowsers Inside story (the music)