The King of Fighters XIV Team South Town Trailer (Geese, Billy, And Hein)

Billy Kane: Billy is Geese’s right-hand man in The King of Fighters XIV. He first made his debut in Fatal Fury 2 and joined the cast of The King of Fighters in The King of Fighters ‘95. He uses the Bojutsu fighting style and wields a santetsukon, a three-sectional staff. He’s been by Geese’s side ever since Geese helped get him and his sister, Lilly, off of the streets.

Geese Howard: Geese got his start as the boss in Fatal Fury, and has been part of The King of Fighters since The King of Fighters ‘96. His attacks use the Hakkyokuseiken style’s Aikijutsu and Kobujutsu techniques. He is a crime lord and head of the Howard Connection who built himself up after his father abandoned him and his mother as a child. He’s entering this year’s tournament to prove he’s the best and strongest fighter.

Hein: Hein is Geese’s new bodyguard. He uses a unique fighting style known as Gambit, which is inspired by the game of chess. He also has the ability to control a form of dark-red energy, which he uses in some of his attacks.

The past The King of Fighters XIV reports contain information on Team Japan, Team Yagami, Team Fatal Fury, Team Art of Fighting, and Team Kim, Team Villains, Team Official Invitation, Team South America, and Team Mexico.

The King of Fighters XIV is due out for PlayStation 4 in North America on August 23, in Japan on August 25, and in Europe on August 26.

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