The King Of Fighters XIV Team China Reveals Meitenkun, Shun’ei, And Tung Fu Rue – PS4 Trailer

The most recent The King of Fighters XIV trailer takes us to another country. The PlayStation 4 game’s next team is Team China, which is made up of Meitenkun, Shun’ei, and Tung Fu Rue. All three of these characters are a new comer to The King of Fighters series, Tung Fu Rue has made cameo appearances in the past games before joining the cast in this entry.

Meitenkun: Meitenkun hails from China and is one of Tung Fu Rue’s students. He uses the Hakkyokumenmenken fighting style. He often carries his pillow around with him, even taking it into a fight and using it as a weapon. He seems on the verge of falling asleep during the trailer.

Shun’ei: Shun’ei is another one of Tung Fu Rue’s students traveling with his master and best friend to the tournament. He uses Hakkyokuseiken techniques, combined with cryokinetic and pyrokinetic abilities.

Tung Fu Rue: Tung Fu Rue is the Hakkyokuseiken master who trained Jeff Bogard, Terry Bogard, and Geese Howard in the Fatal Fury series and appeared in the background of The King of Fighters. While he swore never to take on new students, he’s now training Shun’ei and Meitenkun and bringing them to the tournament.

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