The first look at the ‘Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’ Adventure Mode. The Reveal Trailer of the Story Mode World of Light

Nintendo is calling Story Mode the Adventure Mode: World of Light
The trailer offers some backstory to the mode. It shows dozens of well-known Nintendo characters lining up on a cliff edge, ready to battle Master Hands that descend from the sky. But the Master Hands transform into looping beams of light that carry away the characters, turning them into spirits. Kirby seems to be the sole survivor.

Will Kirby be able to stop Evil Mario and have him return to normal?
Super Smash Bros Ultimate for Nintendo Switch Nintendo Direct 11.01.2018115


  1. Each of you need to take out 10? I doubt they can handle 10 master hands, no way you're that pro. You must be 1 with the Ninja in order to pull this off.

  2. You know what's curious, the only character that I was able to defeat story mode in Super Hard, on nintendo 64, was kirby! My personal favorite was Ness, but even he couldn't defeat them all!

  3. In Star Allies, how about you do the Right Back At Ya Challenge? The challenge is that you have to beat The Ultimate Choice with only Chilly, Chef Kawasaki, Meta Knight, and Kirby. It references Kirby's friends in the anime Kirby Right Back At Ya. So what do ya say?

  4. Im ready for sssssssssssssssssssmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssssssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  5. Wait
    It’s a board game

    A board game

    Welp if there’s cutscene I’ll be cool with it( maybe )
    AnD bEsT boI kIrbY

  6. Wii Switch going to have story mode when Wii U dont even have stort mode :/. Still prefer my old Wii than Wii U.

  7. Kirby should be the leader of the team because it wasn’t only this story mode that he survived, he also survived somewhere in the beginning of the Subspace adventure and revived himself close to the end of the Subspace adventure

  8. Yeah and during the gameplay you play as characters saved lol and yet apparently Kirby is the only hero WTF people blind or something

  9. Omg…. the smash bros are evil now and we have to fight them….. but this is just like smash bros brawl but a little different….I just can believe there evil and now we have to fight them

  10. Come on Kirby you can do it trust yourself that you are the chosen one you will never give up you can do it this is not the end Kirby the the end is to kill the bosses you can do it trust yourself. I wish I got a new character his name is speedy

  11. The galeem should be homework and the hand should be the teachersAnd the heros are kids RUN LITTLE KIDS STAY AWAY FROM HOMEWORK A ND TEACHERS


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