Super Smash Bros Ultimate Sephiroth Reveal Trailer + Cutscenes The Game Awards 2020 (New Character)

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s next fighter is Sephiroth from Final Fantasy VII. Nintendo announced Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s next fighter during The Game Awards today. It’s Sephiroth from Final Fantasy VII

This is the third character added as part of the second Fighters Pass. Buying the pass will get you access to 6 characters released throughout this year and 2021.

Trailer also showed off Sephiroth moveset along with a final smash preview.

Sephiroth joins the likes of Steve, Min Min from Arms, Byleth from fire emblem, Joker from Persona 5, the hero from Dragon Quest XI, Banjo-Kazooie, and Fatal Fury’s Terry Bogard.

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172 thoughts on “Super Smash Bros Ultimate Sephiroth Reveal Trailer + Cutscenes The Game Awards 2020 (New Character)”

  1. I wanted tails and knuckles in smash 😭😭😭😭
    Why is he so special than a strong red echidna and a two tailed fox that can use its two tails to fly

  2. As soon as I saw the epic surroundings I knew it wasn't crash. Sakurai doesn't care about what we want. He cares about what we wont expect. Idk how that is good at all. We got another anime swordsman. 2020 really is the worst year.

    • @Fangz with a Z yeah I dont know if sakurai really knows what the majority want. Sakurai really lead us on with those tweets. UNLESS CRASH IS GONNA BE ANNOUNCED ON THE 14TH SOMEHOW.

    • Well we can wait another 3-4 months hoping we get crash or ryu hayabusa. And yet again in 3-4 months we will get dissapointed

  3. My hopes for sora after this had been destroyed not to say I don’t think he’s cool but I still just really want sora in smash

    • Most main characters have swords, so it makes sense. I'm juat glad it isn't another Fire Emblem character, or another Pokemon.

  4. Did you see that? Sephiroth just killed Galeem the Lord of Light in one slice. No wonder why he’s one of the Warriors of Chaos and a One Winged Angel.

  5. This was the character I wanted for smash ever since I got into final fantasy ONMFGGG😳😳😳😳😳 I asked for it AND I GOT HIM ONFGGGGGGGHGGGGGGGGGG HOW IS THIS REAL

  6. It’s disappointing to me that my favorite characters were not added in this coming patch, but I am happy that final fantasy fans get another newcomer.
    Steve was enough for me but I still have hopes that one day, master chief will come home.
    Let’s hope that we get more than 2 songs this time.

  7. Keep this in mind.
    Smash will just keep making sword fighters that have so long range it will cover half the map

  8. Dude I’ve never seen or heard of this character before, and I’m upset about that, but I took one look at the guy’s sword and it automatically made me feel better.

    • Nows a perfect time for you to play FF7 or FF7 Remake my friend. You'll love/appreciate the character choice even more like all of us here.

  9. I don’t know sephiroth but when I was younger I saw my uncles fight him in kingdom hearts 1 and 2 so my cousin and me still trying to defeat him right now and he is the reason I fell in love with kingdom hearts.

  10. I’m kind of sad we didn’t get Spider-Man, considering the teaser for Spider-Verse blew up but, this was pretty cool ngl. My stepdads a huge final fantasy fan so I’m gonna buy this considering he plays smash sometimes. Hopefully we get spiderman. (I know spiderman is unlikely but I’m still keeping my hopes up.)

  11. Everytime there's a new character reveal in smash the first thing that comes to my head is "imagine etika reaction to this"

  12. I hope you guys are prepared to suffer one more time of PTSD from Smash 4 Cloud's sword hitbox. This time is just a different character.

  13. This trailer is so awesome I don't know if I'm watching a smash bros story mode cutscene of a Final Fantasy 7 cutscene


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