Nintendo released 3 new trailers for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate which shows Mario going around the video game universe to invite new characters to Super Smash Bros franchise.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will include every single fighter ever featured in the series’ nearly two-decade run, making it one of the biggest crossover events in gaming history.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate New Trailer Shows Gameplay, Bosses, Adventure Mode

All 74 Characters Song on That New Cutscene Trailer:

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate All Character Trailers


    • Plus Sakurai won't remove an Assist Trophy, only to add him back in as a playable character in the same game. There's always modding him in over a character you don't like… or waiting for a possible next game many years later.

    • Because he didn't want to hurt him that's why. He just gave him a friendly letter as an assist trophy so he can chill and watch all the other fighters fight like disgusting beasts for the glory

  1. So basically, the only way you know that your in smash bros is if mario comes and smashes you off the stage……yeah seems legit

  2. Somewhere, in an alternate universe:

    In the underground

    Mario punches Sans in the face,


  3. 0:34 So Incineroar beat Ken, and then after their trailer, Villager and Bowser Jr. too before K. Rool finally put him in his place.

  4. 0:34 remember in the ken/insenroar trailer at the end villager JR and k rool wanted to fight insenroar yeah this is the continuation

  5. Seeing how after each character gets launched to another stage, and launches another character to another stage, its a reference to the idiam/expression, what goes around comes around.

  6. It's funny because one of the most famous Smash commercials is the OG one when the entire fight starts with Mario hitting Yoshi! See where I'm going this? XD

  7. Smh mario starts a chain just to tell you you're in smash and it continues and continues all the way to assist trophies 🙂

  8. This is sorta unrelated but I remember when Danny Gonzalez mentioned Luigi’s side B attack in smash bros

  9. 00:31 I can just imagine Mario going“Alright are we rolling? Gotcha thanks. Yo kid, go beat up a space alien and Ryan Renold’s as a pikachu.”

  10. I knew it!! Mario is the true villain of the smash bros series. It was under our noses this whole time!!


  12. I think Mario's taunt is just to tease the Grinch. Nintendo knows he's watching then you about him from the start so they made Mario give him a thumbs up while saying "yeah keep trying"

  13. So this is where characters go when they got knocked off the screen, they go to another match on a different stage, then they respawn back with us. lol

  14. Every time Mario shows up I keep thinking of the "Panda Cheese" commercial XDHe just shows up and destroys everything


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