Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – All Newcomers DLC Trailers + Sephiroth -The Game Awards 2020 (HD 1080P)

This video shows all the Newcomers Fighters DLC Reveal Trailers for the game Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (Nintendo Switch) including all DLC packs from Fighters Pass 1 and Fighters Pass 2 including Sephiroth Reveal Trailer from The Game Awards 2020.

All Characters + Sephiroth Banner Reveal in Super Smash Bros Ultimate

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Video suitable for a general audience, with content appropriate for all ages.
1080p 60fps gameplay by CommunityGame (2020)

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91 thoughts on “Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – All Newcomers DLC Trailers + Sephiroth -The Game Awards 2020 (HD 1080P)”

    • Omnislash Ver. 5 can only be used if Cloud has the Fusion Sword with him, which is 6 six swords combined into 1. I believe the next update will allow Cloud in his Advent Children outfit to use Omnislash Ver. 5. I also doubt it'll be exclusive to Sephiroth.

    • Dragon Guy I agree with you as only the advent children alt has the buster sword that can use omnislash ver5 not the other alts

  1. can't believe people are still treating sans like he isn't a real character, everybody knows that mii Gunner is his echo fighter

  2. Ngl I'm kind of worried about inkling, did she go in the water and die trying to get away from sephiroth!?!?!?

  3. I'd like to think in Sephiroth's trailer the story would be like:"And as Galeem was about to consume everything with light…""…something changed."

  4. I predict dlc character 9. Kazuya Mishima from the Tekken series. And his echo fighter will be Jin Kazama who is also from the Tekken series.

  5. nose me imagine Algo asi cool Ojala agregaran a Aang de Avatar seria cool un smash con todos los elementos fuego aire agua y tierra seria prity de verdad que si 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

  6. It would be epic if Jonesy got into smash and it's revealed that the Nexus send the invitations through all that different universes

  7. 13:05: Me: is that banjo and koozie?! nope it's duck hunt 13:27: Me: oh just like how it was like king dee dee and then in reality it became King K.Rool but now it is duck hunt then actually banjo and koozie

  8. Samus has kicked by the sephiroth btw hero does have powers than sephiroth ik however i play as sephiroth

  9. 4:20 Me when somebody joins my minecraft server where im in creative and they are in survival cuz i made them when they join. 6:20 me in my server that i just explained when the person needs a house and i start speed building


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