The Reveal Trailer of every Mii fighter costumes in Super Smash Bros Ultimate for Nintendo Switch from April 2019 to January 2020 Nintendo Direct.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – All Newcomer Trailers – Including Byleth DLC (60 Fps)

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Playlist:

Evolution of Cuphead Character in Video Games

Video suitable for a general audience, with content appropriate for all ages.
1080p 60fps gameplay by CommunityGame (2020)

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  1. Not having cup head as a main fighter was a mistake, while it did make sense for sans since he's lazy, it didn't for cuphead.

    • It does because remember at the end of cuphead peace was granted cuphead never wanted to fight his buddies he was forced by the devil to so why would he abandon peace just to go into more fighting? Yeah so that's why

    • If you're talking about MegaMan.EXE, then you are correct. They chose a track from Mega Man Star Force instead of Battle Network. It's just that Smash has no Battle Network music, so this was the closest they could get.

  2. Mr. Sakurai: Here's your invitation, you little tea cup.


  3. Its seems like all the impossible dlc characters are just a mii costume with a song attached to them.

  4. I would like to see a Sakurai Mii costume as the final addition to the game.
    I know you can create a Mii of himself in the editor but I mean an exclusive outfit designed to be identical to him.

  5. I think making Sans and Cuphead into Mii Costumes was the best way to implement the characters into Smash.

  6. Geez. They always give the best stuff to Mii Gunner. Also, I just realized, we didn't get an Aigis Mii Costume.

    • Gunner may have Sans and Cuphead, but swordfighters have Altair at least! Brawler needs a big wtf costume next

    • When you have a disappointing reveal from yet another character from a series that has been represented since Melee, you'd take anyone from 3rd party games (especially indie ones), even if it's just a Mii Costumes

  7. so how many Miis in total per 1 fighter reveal? Because i think it would be a little important to know since sans and cuphead , i wanna see what characters i can fit in smash knowing that they can't be a fighter

  8. (Joker DLC)
    Morgana hat
    Persona 4 Protagonist
    Teddie hat
    Persona 3 Protagonist
    (Hero DLC)
    Verónica (Dragón Quest Vll)
    Martial Artist
    Slime hat
    (Banjo Kazooie DLC)
    Proto Man
    Zero (Megaman x)
    Team Rocket
    Sans (Undertale)
    (Terry Bogard DLC)
    Roy Sakazaki
    Iori Yagami
    (Byleth DLC)
    Rabbids hat
    Megaman x

  9. You know I'm gonna fight galeem and dharkon with only mii gunner specials with the cup head skin right

  10. Now the only costumes we need are Steve Kermit the frog heavy and grump cat and the collection will be complete.

  11. under talis! who dosent love it?nowon dosent love under tails beacause its has the best music and its awsome

  12. Cuphead, Sans, and predicting next giant ones might be Freddy, Celeste, and maybe Steve? He might be a character. Potentially even a Monika Mii Costume

  13. Me: *wants Jumpmo on smash as an more OP character than sans*

    Also me: and for the last his final smash: the meatball man


    Pd: Jumpmo is from little runmo

  14. Sans looks Cool because he's an skeleton. He's so cool 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

  15. The only thing that i'm upset about these Mii costumes is the absence of The Ezio's Family soundtrack in Altaïr mii costume. Good lord, Assasin's creed 2 musics are the best of the series for me

  16. Timestamps0:00 Morgana ( Hat )0:13 Persona 4 Protagonist ( Swordfighter )0:23 Teddie ( Hat )0:32 Persona 3 Protagonist ( Swordfighter )0:43 Tails ( Gunner ) & Knucles ( Brawler )1:17 Veronica ( Swordfighter )1:28 Erdrick ( Swordfighter )1:41 Martial Artist ( Brawler )1:50 Slime ( Hat )2:23 Goemon ( Swordfighter )2:39 Proto Man ( Gunner )2:51 Zero ( Swordfighter )3:04 Team Rocket ( Brawler ) 3:16 Sans ( Gunner )3:58 Nakoruru ( Swordfighter )4:14 Ryo Sakazaki ( Brawler )4:28 Iory Yagami ( Brawler )4:40 Akira ( Brawler )4:52 Jacky ( Brawler )5:26 Altaïr ( Swordfighter )5:44 Rabbids ( Hat )5:58 X ( Gunner )6:10 MegaMan.EXE ( Gunner )6:23 Cuphead ( Gunner )

  17. If The knight from hollow knight doesn’t become a fighter, it should definitely be a sword Fighter from costume

  18. The next round of Mii Costumes should include a Mii Brawler Costume of Axel Stone from Streets of Rage. It would also include a remix of Go Straight from Streets of Rage 2, which could be composed and arranged by Yuzo Koshiro himself. He helped made new remixes in this game like the Guile Stage Theme Remix.

  19. A lot of good people with the skills to be fighters… Especially X. He could have been a semi clone of Megaman.

  20. I’d love to see a lil’ Master Chief costume as a gunner with an SMG, then Arbiter as a swordsman with an Energy Sword.


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