Super Smash Bros Ultimate All Cutscenes Movie / All Characters Trailers + Joker & World Of Light

What if Super Smash Bros Ultimate Cutscenes & Trailers was in 60fps?

All Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Cutscenes and Trailers in one video (Latest character trailers: Joker and World of Light Adventure Mode @ 60fps)

This video shows the Smash Bros Ultimate world of light story mode & all endings for Smash Bros ultimate on the Nintendo Switch.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Playlist:

Video suitable for all ages, kids & families
1080p 60fps gameplay by CommunityGame (2018)

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68 thoughts on “Super Smash Bros Ultimate All Cutscenes Movie / All Characters Trailers + Joker & World Of Light”

    • Basically if you kill galeem the REALLY bad ending happens and dharkon destroys the world with darkness and it kills a bunch of people because there's no light left. And is the other way around for the kinda bad ending bad ending R and then there's te true ending… I'M NOT SPOILING IT OR THE BOSS FOR MYSELF I KNOW WHAT THE BOSS IA DUH BUT I'M NOT SPOILING IT OR THE ENDING FOR MYSELF AND 80% OF THE BOSSES!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. so if dark wins all character dies, if light win all character turn into soul. can the light ending be considered as a good ending too?

    • NoBecause in a way; everyone is dead even if they are turn into soul.Personally it look like to me that everything been consumed by the light (wiping out everything in existence)

  2. So all fighters, let me name them:Plumber (Mario)Gorilla (Donkey Kong)Zelda (Link) Metroid (Samus) Slave (Yoshi) Vacuum (Kirby) Space Fox (Fox) Pokemon (Pikachu) Green Mario (Luigi)"Okey" Baseball Kid (Ness) Not A Captain (Captain Falcon) Bubblegum (Jigglypuff)Princess Fruit (Peach) Evil Turtle (Bowser) Eskimo Kids (Ice Climbers) Link (Zelda) Link In Disguise (Sheik) Drug User Doctor (Dr Mario) Pikachu (Pichu) Pheaso (Falco) Girl Marth (Marth) Young Zelda (Young Link)Gerudo Captain Falcon (Ganondorf) Mew (Mewtwo) Ginger Marth (Fire Emblem Roy) Shadow Bug (Mr Game & Watch) Masked Kirby (Meta Knight)Kid Icarus (Pit) Zero Suit Metroid (Zero Suit Samus) Fat Mario (Wario) Soldier (Snake) Strong Marth (Ike) Slave #2 (Squirtle) Slave #3 (Ivysaur) Slave #4 (Charizard)Animal Torturer (Pokémon Trainer) Spider Monkey (Diddy Kong) Motherless Boy (Lucas) Hedgehog (Sonic) Penguin In A Santa Suit (King Dedede) Astronaut (Olimar) Karate Fox (Lucario) Robot (R.O.B.) Toon Zelda (Toon Link) Eye Patch (Wolf)RUN (Villager) Robot #2 (Mega Man) Yoga Teacher (Wii Fit Trainer) Star Princess (Rosalina) Boxer (Little Mac) Frog Ninja (Greninja) Puncher (Mii Brawler)Slasher (Mii Swordfighter)Blaster (Mii Gunner) Lady Icarus (Palutena) Pizza Slice (Pac Man) Vanilla Marth (Lucina) Bookworm Marth (Robin) Swordfighter #12 (Shulk) Dark Icarus (Dark Pit) Evil Kid Turtle (Bowser Jr) A Literal Dog And Duck (Duck Hunt) Little Mac's Clone (Ryu) Shulk's Clone (Cloud) Albino Marth (Corrin) BANNED!!! (Bayonetta) Squid Kid (Inkling) Princess Sarasaland (Daisy) Purple Space Dragon (Ridley) Whip Skull (Simon Belmont) Whip Skull #2 (Richter Belmont) Final Smash Marth (Chrom) Black Metroid (Dark Samus)Crocodile (King K Rool) Dog Mayor (Isabelle) Red Little Mac (Ken)Tiger (Incineroar)A FRICKING PLANT (Piranha Plant)Masquerade (Joker)I've Think I've Got It Very Accurately

  3. God. that execution dharkon does vs Galeem was brutal. Galeem's multi faster than the eye can see snipe was pretty decent too. But both only light and only dark endings were bad. Since you save dharkon and whole world gets consumed by darkness so everyone dies. but when galeem wins cause theres no darkness to hide anything now he just flat out evaporates everyone in salty flash, probably including kirby and you're right back where you started without a savior. :VSo only way is to nuke both and return it to a neutral state without an overwhelm of either so when they go boom it just neutralizes… and I guess the world of light that galeem made would just return to normal or if it's a flat out new universe kinda deal the spirits just leave, cause nothing stopping them cause they're spirits… immaterial…. hence the big spire of spirit flame as everyone leaves.


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