This video shows all of the boss fights in the secret painting of Super Mario Odyssey. It’s similar to the story bosses except it’s harder difficulty.

Below are my playlists for Super Mario Odyssey.

Super Mario Odyssey 100% Walkthrough Playlist:


    • Aaron S you have to control yoshi and their will be a tunnel next to the shop in the mushroom kindoom

  1. IMA say the Dragon in Ruined Kingdom is Nightmarish even after defeat his eyes are beaming at ya….

  2. "But Sir! we don't have the budget to send our troops or nukes to take out these mythical beasts!""hmm… i see… wait a minute… isn't there a plumber scheduled today to fix that broken tap?"

  3. love the fact that they don't hold back on the dragon design, to be honest i wasn't expected that dragon boss battle

  4. I want some Death Battle style statistics to figure out the hardness of Mario's ass that he's able to kill a dragon that size by just butt-stomping it three times.

  5. That first boss is Rudy The Clowns ancestor. if you seen the final boss on Wario Land 3 then you'll know what i mean 😉


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