Part 4 of a complete walkthrough of Super Mario Odyssey for the Nintendo Switch. In this video, I complete Lake Kingdom.

Below are my playlists for Super Mario Odyssey.

Super Mario Odyssey 100% Walkthrough Playlist:

-All power moons
2:29 On the Lakeshore
3:56 Taking Notes: Dive and swim
6:53 Treasure in the Spiky Waterway
8:01 Cheep Cheep Crossing
8:15 Dorrie-Back Rider
17:00 Unzip the Chasm
19:19 Moon Shards in the lake
21:20 I Feel undressed
23:20 Taking Notes: In the cliffside
26:16 Southwestern Floating Island
26:22 Secret path to Tostsrena
27:41 Secret path to New Donk City!
32:27 End of the hidden passage
35:33 Jump, Grab, Cling, and Climb
38:10 Multi Moon

-All Bosses
36:10 Rango #1

-All Transformation
4:29 Zipper Mario
7:23 Cheep Cheep

8:05 Dorrie
9:40 Talkatoo
16:25 Golden Goomba
38:55 Odyssey
34:30 Cappy bonus game

7:25 Underwater entrance
8:55 Water Plaza Entrance
11:11 Water Plaza Display Window
11:18 Shop
26:16 Southwestern Floating Island
28:15 Isolated Rooftop
Water Plaza Terrace

-Secret painting
25:45 Southwestern Floating Island
27:41 Metro kingdom new donk city6



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