I was never so thrilled to see Super Mario Galaxy land on my table Saturday evening, knowing that I would have all week to play and relax in the glory that is Super Mario.

So what’s so fabulous about this game?


Well, here’s the story: Once again, Princess Peach has been captured by the evil Bowser. This time, though, Bowser takes her into outer space. rather than running from castle to castle in search of Peach, you fly from one planet to the next.


The gameplay’s comparable to Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Sunshine, but in the galaxy. You go into various worlds and do certain duties to collect stars.

Going from 1 world to the next is nothing new with Mario. Mario games have long been groups of irrelevant mini games and adventures brought loosely unitedly by a slender storyline. The only things keeping Galaxy together are the essential characters, graphics, and in-game physics. Some elements of the game are about exploration, and others are about combat, racing, and puzzle solving.

The pleasing thing about Mario Galaxy is how well all these elements work together to create one magnificent game.

Longevity wise the Super Mario Galaxy is pretty big. So you are looking at 15+ hours entertainment time. Unmistakably, you’ll be playing for quite a bit longer that is if you want to accumulate all the stars, some of which are a little bit difficult to find.

Final Thoughts:

As you can tell by this review, I adore this game, but I do wish Nintendo would make a more dominant console.

Visually the game looked amazing. I was particularly fascinated with the rendering speed and level of detail for an individual galaxy. You truly feel like you can grasp through the screen and touch each virtual object. Toss in the unique Wii controls, and you have an excellent gaming experience not seen on any other console. The music also appended to the overall quality of the package, a huge feel found in movies.

Let’s check out the rating below!

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