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In this video, Wesley shows you a fast way on how to farm for gems/coins, so you’ll be able to afford the items from the shop.

This is how we were able to unlock every single character including pretty bomber a lot faster than others.

Check out Super Bomberman R all Special Abilities video over here:

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  1. Oh, I didn't know veteran mode was pretty easy to beat! I tried expert before and it was like impossible to stay alive so I thought I was going to have trouble with veteran as well.

  2. 1050 gems in 5 minutes, that's pretty good. So it'll take about less than 3 hours to unlock pretty bomber.

  3. Although this will speed up the process, this just goes to show how ludicrous some of these prices are, considering the low amount of gems you get. Hopefully an update can come out that can give more gems for these stuff.

    • Alpha Aquamarine when you let go of b then it places it, as long as you hold b it will wait then when you let go the bomb will wait as long as you held b to explode

  4. Thank you for the video it helped a lot. I unlocked the 5 dastardly bombers and all of the 4k stages, I can't bring myself to grind it anymore for hats or pretty bomber hahaha… It has just become too monotonous.

  5. I always wanted to play as the dastardly bombers, and when I get the game I could! Yay!

  6. go to the power stage, drop 11 bombs, die. that's 150 coins in about 5 seconds. repeat.

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