Super Bomberman R Final Boss and Ending | Ultimate Buggler (All HD)

Super Bomberman R Final Boss & Ending

1:17 Great Gattaida
11:10 Ultimate Buggler
14:55 Super Bomberman R Ending
16:38 Ending Cutscene

Super Bomberman R ALL Bosses (2 Players) – Nintendo Switch

Super Bomberman R All Cutscenes Movie + All Bosses Included

Super Bomberman R is an action-maze game developed by Konami and HexaDrive for the Nintendo Switch console.

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54 thoughts on “Super Bomberman R Final Boss and Ending | Ultimate Buggler (All HD)”

  1. Fun Fact: White is voiced by the same guy who voiced X in Megaman X7…and Flame Hyenyard…yes, it does explain alot.

  2. ok, I hope we can get AU Ideas. OR more ideas for the game.My idea (storyboard? what are you talking about?):In the aftermath of the Buggler Incident thats over, The 8 bombers have fun at there base. unfortuneitly… White Bomber was getting annoyed becuase the other 7 don't listen to him much and idk, So a Rage Spirit of Darkness was created by White Bomber's Rage. The other 7 saw White Bomber getting annoyed too far,and saw him turn into a Monster of Unknown. They noticed something bad's happening,and they exit the base so they won't hurt while White Bomber is becoming a Monster. After he turned into a Huge monster (Steven universe future refernce) The Monster Caused a bit of Destruction, then it flys to space to the Planet Technopolis to cause more destructon. The other 7 bomber with the 5 bombers free Heads to the planet and saw the place was ruined by "The Monster". Then they saw "the Monster" and tried to save White Bomber from being "The Monster"I BET YOU GUYS WILL FIND THIS! oh wait. you found it,did ya?

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