0:00 Pretty Bomber
0:52 White Bomber
1:38 Black Bomber
2:30 Blue Bomber
3:42 Red Bomber
4:30 Yellow Bomber
5:16 Green Bomber
6:05 Pink Bomber (Female)
6:58 Aqua Bomberman (Female)
7:41 Magnet Bomber
8:28 Golem Bomber
9:18 Phantom Bomber
10:19 Karaoke Bomber
11:13 Plasma Bomber

Super Bomberman R all quotes, special Dialogue, taunts, death, & victories in VS mode.

Super Bomberman R Pretty Bomber Gameplay www.youtube.com/watch?v=ol4hOHSltMQ

Super Bomberman R all Special Abilities:

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  1. You missed the dialogues when they get killed by enemies in story mode, when they get cursed and when time is almost up.

    • White and Pink are also fourth-wall bombers too. For example, one of White's victory quotes are "Thank you for being my opponent! That was a wonderful battle!", which means that he's thanking the losing player for being his opponent. Oh, and one of White's quotes when the player selects him is "Believe in yourself!" which also means that he's telling the player to believe in himself/herself. And as for Pink, all three of her victory quotes are her breaking the fourth wall.

  2. Sweet! The only thing missing is their dialogue when they acquire a Skull item.

  3. White Bomber has Megaman X's voice actor from the seventh game.
    You know what THAT means.

  4. I think the only thing missing is the dialogue for when it gets to the last minute & the Hurry Up! text shows up.

  5. I love that white bomber "WHAAT"

    literally my reaction to half the things that happen to me in project m

    meanwhile schleep bomber over here has never been this tired ever. Hasn't had a day of sleep in his life
    sound like he just finished procrastinating all his college courses projects till the last week-

    and hasnt stopped working until 10 mins before the deadline.

  6. Green: You tried hard too, right? Just not as hard as me!
    Me: Uh….WHAT! (BTW, PAUSE THO!)

  7. This is cool, but what about the sounds when a character gets a skull or gets smashed by a heavy bomb or pressure block?

  8. Nice. Only things forgotten are the defeat quotes via getting crushed/bumping into an enemy

    • get three stars (no continues) on every story mode world on one difficulty, then buy in store for 30,000

  9. *hears pretty's "start the music" one then hears karaoke's*HOLD UP WHAT, WHY HAVE I NOT NOTICED THIS!?

  10. I want to see more other characters from other Bomberman games, like Max, Regulus/Bulzeeb, Sirius, and other Bombers, or Playable version of Buggler! Also my other favorite character is the Angel of Light and Shadow

  11. For some reason, I've found Black's voice to be so UNIQUELY DEEP for a Bomberman Bro that I just can't get OVER that fact.

  12. Green bomber, cute and inacent, and bombing better than the vietnam. (no hard feelings)

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