0:00 Pretty Bomber’s Karaoke Bomb has a motion sensor and will explode when you get close.
Keep a distance from her!

0:30 Magnet Bomber’s Magnet Bomb will magnetically chase after Bomberman.
Stay away from them!

0:58 Golem Bomber’s Golem Bomb is so heavy that it can crush Bomberman.
Keep a distance from him!

1:20 Phantom Bomber’s Phantom Bomb looks like a real bomb but is actually a dummy.
Watch the bombs carefully & spot the difference!

1:56 Karaoke Bomber’s Karaoke Bomb has a motion sensor and will explode when you get close.
Keep a distance from her!

2:39 Plasma Bomber’s Plasma Bomb will detonate in different time lags
Watch the bombs carefully and avoid the blast!

The Bombermen and Bomberwomen does not have any special abilities
3:23 White Bomberman
3:40 Black Bomberman
3:57 Blue Bomberman
4:21 Red Bomberman
4:36 Yellow Bomberman
4:55 Green Bomberman
5:25 Pink Bomberman
5:46 Aqua Bomberman

Super Bomberman R All Victory, Taunts & Special Dialogue

Super Bomberman R Pretty Bomber Gameplay www.youtube.com/watch?v=ol4hOHSltMQ

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  1. Wait. Do you get the 5 Dastardly Bombers when you beat their planet, ( Ex: you get Magnet Bomber if you beat Planet Technopolis ) Or when you beat the game?

    • Golem Bomber I'm surprised you haven't appeared within the reply chain Plasma Bomber started yet. If u have no idea what I'm talking about, look for a comment about Plasma Bomber mentioning not going to karaoke bombers concert without pillow and black hole ear plugs

  2. A question, why would you ever play as the normal Bomberman characters after unlocking the special characters?

    • That one Gamer First, you beat the game.
      Second, the destardly bombers (If thats what its called) will unlock in the shop.
      Then, grab 5000 Coins. Or 2500, if your willing to buy 5.
      Finnaly, go to the character selection in the shop, and pick out the character.


      If you dont think 5 is enough, you can get one more!
      First: Get 3 stars on every level in story mode.
      Second, Pretty Bomber, the one who has a crush on Pink Bomber, will appear in the shop.
      Third, since she is rare, it will cost a high price of 30000 Coins to take your hands on her.
      Finnaly, once your hard work has paid off for theese coins, buy here.

      Pretty simple.

    • TheGoldenFreddyTracks FNAF Fan she doesn't have a crush on pink bomber, she's pink bomber sister

  3. it's weird how you can play as the Karaoke bomber but at the same time you can play as the pretty Bomber who are both pretty much almost the same person and have the exact same abilities.

    • GlitchyPSI Unsurprising since the second boss form Super Bomberman 2 was Golem Bomber. All of the Dastardly Bombers originated from that game though Phantom Bomber was originally called Brain Bomber.


  5. You literally unlocked every Bomber in that game just to showcase the abilities? Wow, talk about dedication.

    Also, I bet you 10 – 20 that the fan base has already started after seeing pretty Bomber. Don't know what I'm talking about? Well, it's a rule on the internet that's after 33. Yeah, don't ask…

    • Ugh. Just promise me you won't search it up, ok?

      The internet rule after 33 is Rule 34. It clearly states: "If It Exists, There
      IS P0rn Of It. No exceptions". And trust me, rule 34 is horrible. So please, don't search it up.

    • White Bomber a bit late to comment it I searched It a couple hours ago but I didn't see any "pictures" luckily, just the what the rule was….

    • White Bomber actually it's more so disappointing rather then disgusting . since it's so few pics of this recent game

  6. I wonder what the defeat quotes of the characters are. The ones I know is White saying "OH NO!" when caught in an explosion and "Oh! I messed up…" if squashed

  7. Guys Khamphone Nhativong says Magnet bomber sounds like papyrus because he says papyrus has that voice and hes a Vaporeon

  8. Magnet bomber:haha! No one can defeat me So wanna join my gang


  9. Who's better magnet bomber or golem bomber? I just kinda want to know cause I don't know who to play as I like them both.

    • Bat with a Bow tie no they become available in the shop for 5000 gems each
      But unlocking pretty first you need to get 3 stars in every world and pay 30000 gems

  10. White bomber has Megaman X's English Voice actor from Megaman X7. Yes, THAT one.
    Alright…time to make comments.
    Also the voice of Flame Hyenard. Now White bomber is saying BURN BURN BURN TO THE GROUND BURN TO THE GROUND!
    And now the Blue Bomber is the WHITE Bomber. Perfect.

  11. I don't understand why they censored her. I hear "sexy" in The Fairly Oddparents all of the time. Guess Sexy Bomber was too much for an E10+ game, despite The Fairly Oddparents being rated TV-Y7.

  12. Any tips for getting the third star in Scrapheap? I already have all the Dastardly Bombers

    • Daniel McLatchie yes he literally kills himself in the first 5 seconds if he activates his ability lol use any bomber you like.

    • I'll give it a shot and tell you how it went. Fortunately, I have next to no problem with Judge Gwinbee

    • The good news is that I'm past Plasma but your idea didn't work. However, I did manage to trap and bomb him. Fighting Judge Gwinbee now. Thanks for the help

    • Daniel McLatchie np. you must have been unlucky. I literally didn't even get to fight him because he killed himself lol. good luck 🙂

  13. Black Bomber is always slacking off. He always thinks that he is always so much cooler than anyone else. Anyone else agrees with me?

  14. Also, When Red Bomber is defeated, he sounds like Squidward (From Spongebob Squarepants) screaming at the top of his lungs. Man he's so loud.

    • If you press the bottom button on the joycon whatever character you are using will use their ability, or in this case Golem bomber's heavy bomb.

  15. so in multiplayer the boss bomber are betetr then the normal bomber since they have special abillity? so what the point of playing the other bomber

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